2013 New Beginnings

2013 Guidance @F-L-O-W

2013 Year-Long Coaching Portfolio

Proposed dates: 1st Half of the Year Long Seminar with Mike R. Jay

 Listen to the January 15th recording – CLICK HERE


This is a year-long seminar designed to serve as an R&D Platform for those individuals seeking an out of the box experience trying to understand reality as it is, and may be in the future.

January 29, free intro to developing leaders @F-L-O-W | Listen | Q&A

The year-long series is designed to provide the group coaching format and discussion for the Leadership University Developing Leaders @F-L-O-W Program.

Audio – Limits vs. Limitations – Audio

Program Outcomes:

  • Leadership Development Program for Meta-Systematic Leaders: Leadership University

  • Updating the Holorg Approach to Organizational Design

  • Identifying those programs and flow into the Development of Leaders through vertical levels

  • Moving my own development along a maturation trajectory

  • Contribute something meaningful to your developmental journey

Program Benefits:

  • Put Stakes in the Ground for yourself on the first Tuesday each month.

  • 4 Private Coaching Sessions during the year for accountability, or development of future capability

  • Learning the essence of where the field of adult development and leadership intersect

  • Qualified to administer the INTERVIEW @F-L-O-W with your clients

  • Qualified to lead people through a structure process of vertical leadership development

Current Program Schedule: [Color Coded]

Regular Meetings of the Year Long R&D Group.

Regular Meetings of the Year Long Leadership University Developing Leader Certificate

4-Session Discovery Programs

February 5th – Multifaceted Capability @F-L-O-W Intro | Click HERE to Learn More about Capability

February 6-27: 4 – Wednesdays – Multifaceted Capability & Interview @F-L-O-W

Feb 28 – Free intro: Developing Leaders @F-L-O-W (Last chance to register for certificate program.)
Audio Case Study 1 | Audio Case Study 2

Mar 5: Thinking Like A Leader @F-L-O-W: Introduction | Click HERE to Learn More about Leadership

Developing a  map of reality, beliefs, truth and leadership

March 6-27 – Wednesdays – Thinking Like A Leader 

This discovery program reviews the critical errors that we are making everyday without knowing it, and gives us an introduction to Sense-Making @F-L-O-W.

March 19 – Developing Leaders @F-L-O-W: Program starts (3rd Tues through December)

April 2: Leadership Styles @F-L-O-W | Click HERE to Learn More about LeaderStyles | Audio

Introducing an Assessment @F-L-O-W designed to provide Leaders with "leadership style" data.

April 3-24: LeaderStyles @F-L-O-W: [Holorg @F-L-O-W Series]

This program provides the model for individual assessment of leadership style in the tradition of behavioral economics. Style behavior based on the irrational programming of our inbornness in concert with the leadership conditions that are ground for the figure of styled behavior.

April 16: Assessing, reviewing, and scaffolding Leadership Styles @F-L-O-W

May 7: LeaderLevels@F-L-O-W Intro | Click HERE to Learn More about LeaderLevels | Audio

Identifying specific levels at which leadership is formulated and actionable.

May 8-29: LeaderLevels @F-L-O-W: [Holorg @F-L-O-W Series]

This program will reveal the distinct LeaderLevels correlated to levels of reasoning–concrete through paradigmatic currently listed as: formal; meta-formal; systematic; meta-systematic; paradigmatic; meta-paradigmatic are used currently as technical designations.

May 21: LeaderLevels @F-L-O-W: Identifying the levels of Leadership Reasoning.

Jun 4: Architecting Job Design  @F-L-O-W Intro | Click HERE to Learn More about Architecting | Audio

Role Design for leadership is key to understanding work, role, fit, and productivity.

Jun 5-26: Architecting Jobs @F-L-O-W: [Holorg @F-L-O-W Series]

This program addresses the discussion of what makes up the architecture of job fit and success. I have identified at least a dozen elements of job fit and the requirements of job success. This program discusses why leaders are most often in roles which are bigger than they are and how work, role design, and capability as it relates to a person in a role is often less than the role. We will briefly discuss how to begin to understand the Holorg @F-L-O-W, and why it’s critical to understand systems dynamics in order for leaders to manage in organizations.

Jun 18: Architecting Jobs @F-L-O-W: Role Design (introducing new holorg design tools)

 1st half of the year long program through June 2013, program restarts Sept 3, 2013


Proposed Programs: 2nd Half TBA

September 3: Multi-Dimensional Complexity @F-L-O-W | Click HERE to Learn More about Complexity

In attempting to understand leadership complexity, we must dimensionalize it into a minimum of three component streams, vertical, horizontal, and oblique. Identifying how live, work, relationships and even society is complex for leadership, we begin to open a can of worms, and yet, it is this can of worms that is the most perplexing area of study at the edge of leadership design and function today.

September 4-25: Multi-Dimensional Complexity (MDC) @F-L-O-W: Sense-Making @F-L-O-W

This discovery program is designed to provide participants with the nuances of MDC, or Multi-Dimensional Complexity in leadership and work, and how to put the puzzle of getting results and well-being into center square.

September 18: Developing Leaders @F-L-O-W: Multi-Dimensional Complexity @F-L-O-W


October 1: Maturation Trajectory @F-L-O-W | Click HERE to Learn More about Trajectory

What can leaders expect from development: who, what, when, where, why and how.

October 2-30 (5 meetings): Maturation Trajectory @F-L-O-W: Sense-Making @F-L-O-W

This discovery program is designed to provide participants with the unfolding design of maturation trajectory, how development occurs for specific people, and why maturation trajectory helps us understand what is next for our development.

October 15: Developing Leaders @F-L-O-W: Maturation Trajectory @F-L-O-W


November 5:  Systems Dynamics Modeling & Simulation–A Quick Study | Click HERE to Learn More about SD | Audio

What can leaders expect from development: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

November 6-27: Systems Dynamics @F-L-O-W: Sense-Making @F-L-O-W

This discovery program is designed to provide participants with the brief introduction to Systems Dynamics Modeling & Simulation.

November 19: Developing Leaders @F-L-O-W: Systems Dynamics @F-L-O-W


December 3: ValuDYNAMICS for Leadership | Click HERE to Learn More about ValuDynamics

Learning how Being, Doing, Having, Becoming and Contribution are motivated by systems of micro-motives aligned with Power, Avoidance, Achievement, Affiliation, and Differentiating.

December 4-18: ValuDYNAMICS: Discovery Program TBA

This 4 session program is designed to bring individuals up to speed with the 5 active ValuBasins, and major leadership considerations of Capitulation, Competition, Compromise, Cooperation, and Collaboration.

December 17: Developing Leaders @F-L-O-W: ValuDYNAMICS

Additional Topics for consideration:

Bonus Topic TBA: Understanding Social Capability, Media, and Function & Demands on Leadership.

Your investment for all of the programs Mike introduces in 2013 plus his private coaching sessions is being offered for $2,997.  We also offer a payment plan  to help you spread the investment over time.  It is $757 down and 3 additional payments of $757 at 30, 60, and 90 days from now.

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