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Charter Edition: December 2-5, 2013 – 4 Meetings @ 8:30 pm ET

Intro | A window into DESIGN @F-L-O-W

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Class Sessions:

Session 1 | Why Design @F-L-O-W is different?

Session 2 | What are the 5 simple steps in the Design @F-L-O-W

Session 3 | Designing through levels of capability

Session 4 | How to start Design @F-L-O-W

Supporting Materials:

Introduction | A Teachable Point of View

Why | Life @F-L-O-W

Enough | What is Enough?

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Come join Mike R. Jay, Developmentalist as he discusses DESIGN @F-L-O-W in four lively and energy-infused sessions, recorded live.


Why Design @F-L-O-W is different?

What are the 5 simple steps in the Design @F-L-O-W

Designing through levels of capability

How to start your own Design @F-L-O-W

These 40-60 min sessions are full of Mike’s thinking from his new Book @F-L-O-W, and based on more than 25 years of global coaching experience. If you’re looking for the shortest possible time to invest in what it takes to leap around the emerging barriers to being happy and successful, these sessions are an investment you will want to make now and for your future.

The program’s tuition is $297.  Class begins December 2 at 8:30 PM ET and continues each evening through December 5.  We offer an Early Bird Special of $197 when you enroll by November 29.

NOTE: All classes will be recorded for you incase you want to re-listen or if you miss a class.

To get this program and 9 other programs for a "certificate" price, see our 2013 offer here.

BONUS: You will also receive our Living at FLOW course, a $197 value, as it will help you better make use of what you learn in Design @F-L-O-W. Visit to learn more about Living at FLOW.

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