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There are no real obstacles. Just wrong thinking, bad assumptions. When you build strategies and policies on wrong assumptions, the more you execute, the worse you make everything, which is what we are doing now. There are three wrong assumptions that cause all the current job creation attempts to not work.
– Jim Clifton: Coming Jobs War – 2011 Forbes Interview

Design has a lot more leverage than we assume in most all cases.

Working off of flawed assumptions uses up resources that could be used elsewhere more efficiently.

Designs are paradoxical at complex levels:


"God is going to rain $140 trillion of new economic energy on earth over the next 30 years and the question is, who gets these jobs? The competition or “war” for good jobs lies exactly there. To be more specific, it is a war for the best customers first. He who wins that war, wins the jobs war. Almost no leader has this figured out." – Jim Clifton: Coming Jobs War – 2011 Forbes Interview

The axiom quoted by Clifton in the interview is true.

Yet, if we design around that axiom, what will happen to those who lose the war?

Are we not actually just accelerating the worst?

I’ll just remind you of Clifton’s own quote:

"When you build strategies and policies on wrong assumptions, the more you execute, the worse you make everything, which is what we are doing now."

What we have in the world today is a DESIGN dilemma!

We are being forced into a paradox, where no matter what we do, we are making things worse, because we are basing the execution on a flawed design of how the world can work versus how some of the world works.

It’s important to note that Clifton’s right…and at the same time, executing on this truth may create more and more problems, which actually confound the gap we have now–starting with–the haves and the have-nots.

In almost all cases, the have-nots don’t have jobs!

And we are busy creating more have-nots.

Think about that for a second?

Clifton’s own quote again:

"America has about six million active businesses. Ninety-nine percent of them are small businesses. An incalculably huge mistake leaders are making now is spending time, money, strategies, and especially policies for those who need “help” getting a job.

A useful way to look at any citizen is this, “Can she herself create jobs or does she need a job created for her?” We are spending all our time on the cart and doing little or nothing on the horse. We have our assumptions and futurism that backward.

“The horse (small and medium business) stopped, so we fix the cart (jobs).” If we change all our strategies and policies to favor the job creators (small and medium businesses) the horse and cart will get moving again. We have our compassion right, but the logic is staggeringly stupid."

Yet, this strategy is going to actually work to create an increasing bathtub of more and more people without jobs in the face of accelerating complexity and that is the gambit that few seem to understand about design.

Back when we could understand things and the world was growing incrementally, managing complexity wasn’t such a big issue, but going forward today, it’s going to be incredibly difficult because we have all been taught to want what they want?

The DESIGN of today will become the future of tomorrow!

Can you see our future now?

Come join Mike R. Jay, Developmentalist as he discusses DESIGN @F-L-O-W in four lively and energy-infused sessions, recorded live.


Why Design @F-L-O-W is different?

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These 40-60 min sessions are full of Mike’s thinking from his new Book @F-L-O-W, and based on more than 25 years of global coaching experience. If you’re looking for the shortest possible time to invest in what it takes to leap around the emerging barriers to being happy and successful, these sessions are an investment you will want to make now and for your future.

The program’s tuition is $297.  Class begins December 2 at 8:30 PM ET and continues each evening through December 5.  We offer an Early Bird Special of $197 when you enroll by November 29.

NOTE: All classes will be recorded for you incase you want to re-listen or if you miss a class.

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