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"Nearly seven in 10 Americans believe the country is greatly divided when it comes to important values — on the high end of what polls since 1993 have found. Republicans and conservatives are most likely to perceive divisiveness.

Over the past decade, I’ve been thinking of more ways to get people to resist vertical approaches which leave inborn values behind as they face accelerating complexity. I’m trying to get them to understand they will be a LOT happier if they begin to limit complexity AND noise by deepening their own valuing…

A sort of coming home, so to speak.
This can easily be piggy-backed on the shoulders of Dr. Don Beck and Spiral Dynamics® as ValuDYNAMICS™ @F-L-O-W.


That’s what I’m calling it, because the meta model at yellow/contribution, is NOT integral, is NOT an integration.  It is a differentiation, a dis-integration, which allows the whole to become much more robust,  resilient, and anti-fragile in the face of accelerating vertical complexity.
Solutions are too tall these days and solutions are being created too far from where people are We are actually creating solutions which not only don’t work, but make things worse because of the weight of our genetics as a ball and chain on the leg of memetics.
The gene-meme gap is growing exponentially too wide for most; and while it is creating innovation for those who can, the 1-5%, even that innovation is sending more and more money into the pockets of that 1% and those who fund it, the other 15%. 

DO YOU REALIZE  20% of the people on the planet control almost 90% of the planet’s wealth?

This means as this gap increases, fewer and fewer can go higher — keeping pace with complexity — and the string of literal and figurative dead "bodies" we are going to leave behind is going to topple the system because the scaffold can’t support the weight of change.

[Largely because the top 20% don’t get it, while they are getting it — they will GET IT THOUGH, if you catch my occluded metaphors!]
I see this in all cultures where there is not sufficient enough of a "Spiral Dynamics® Blue" base… in some cases, a purple base, although technology is wreaking havoc with these systems because it’s giving them tools their morality can’t control.
"A" solution is to back away from complexity in most parts, and to see problems not as some giant international  global government or force to be managed by an elite few, but rather a large number of "dumber" actors…collaborating together as a contribution, a dis-integrated, collaboration, facilitated by Scaffolding @F-L-O-W –> substituting increasing happiness for consumption.
If you study ants, they have only about 10 things they are capable of being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing.  They are controlled by conditions and communications… pheromones.  Normally ants do their OWN things — a purpose which they were naturally designed to fulfill — and when a heightened state of conditions arise, the shopkeepers, janitors, and food purveyors, all stop what they are doing — they do NOT become smarter, more vertically equipped, but utilizing their capability and the smart mob, confront the situation as needed for the colony to survive.
What emerges is a combinatorial system which deploys resources to the problem.

This is NOT a direct vertical response where the ants are trained and changed to become more capable.  This is the use of natural design and scaffolding, as well as contribution and communication to resolve the tensions.

Ants are NOT disappearing… there must be some efficacy in the approach?

Now, while this might sound simple, it’s actually a way to use dumb actors to produce extremely complex emergence, and none of them are changed.  As soon as the "condition" returns back to normal, ants go back to doing what they were doing.
They are not engaged in creating more problems by doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing.
THERE IS A LESSON here, that I was unable to get across in my confab presentation in 2003…*

*[Pickup the confab ppt and review as our gift when you register!]

 …and in reviewing the slides again this week and using them to do a little lecture on the eve of the 10th anniversary without modifying them, I realized that it is progressivity [and a group of people who are more entrained to progress] who then have been "allowed" to set a societal set of composite standards through their verbal capability (relationship dynamics) that others then attempt to mimic, and follow, that is the problem.
This is a cul de sac and this faux-green system of integral has misled us into believing "their" direction is "our" direction through their adept verbal reasoning.
In the makeup of aliveness and its consequence — open-ended problem solving — what has clearly become important is to resist the "sirens" of progressivity in total… Tie yourself to the mast of your ship (your own values) and listen to their beautiful song, but pass on by, like Ulysses to fight "his" battles, not everyone’s!
People are being taught that they should pursue progression in a vertical sense because it’s there.
It’s a mistake…IMHO.
It is man extending his genes to chase his memes and the memes can run circles around our genes… and as societal composites, this direction, this siren call to progress and complexity is slowly pushing us to the cliff.
We can NOT continue this…
Even though, in the process, I can show you how this will naturally continue, that we will have a roaring teens starting next year… we only delay the inevitable meet-up with conventional resources in "Limits to Growth."

 So our post conventional system and those who can manage it, will reach the end of the line conventionally.  Yet, our genes will not change much with this process, limiting us by the mirror of reality.
Our genes are plastic — but NOT that plastic that we will be able to live too far away from our inbornness.  We may be able to soften the edges, but we can’t change, or transform ourselves… unless we change our genes, which, by the way, is coming in two decades.  But for the present and the lead up to our hitting of the wall… which is why a momentous leap is required… we will have to deal with what we have, in the way we can.
In the past decade I saw that the ignorant, and those who will remain so, through no fault of their own, need help. We need to stop driving them all to the ladders on the wall, or into choosing the right walls.  It is not necessary.  It is not producing greater levels of well-being, only greater quantity and quality of "wants" globally — that is at question here.
In order to begin to decelerate this entire system, we have to help people through what I’m proposing as ValuDYNAMICS™ @F-L-O-W, where people come home to live… and are proud of their BEing, DOing, HAVEing, BECOMEing, and CONTRIBUTEing in their red, blue, orange and green houses.  Let those who can occupy yellow build scaffolding for the rest. We can’t continue to TAKE from those less capable. That money needs to be used to provide significant benefits including a lot of money to decelerate this system and keep the conventional folks happy through Design @F-L-O-W.
This turn-around from the momentous leap — people going off a cultural cliff — must be a part of any solution, as people have a right to be who they are, so why do we place in front of them vertical models…?
We need to teach blue to be the safest and securest blue, informing their limits with all the wonderful developments that come from iteration and complexity; but teach them also, that there is a reason to live out of purpose and there is a reason for them to go home with the "gurl who brung ’em".  Dance with everyone, but remember where your bread is buttered, and that is in being happy, and in many cases –LESS successful — to contribute more, rather than less, if you understand my attribution!

As a result?
Happiness increases, and resource consumption decelerates, giving us time to evolve consciousness and morality over time.
This is a place where a recursion is likely to produce great benefits, once we find a way to deal with ego loss.  This will probably take at least two generations, one to teach, another behind them to learn, and the third should be able to express the morality we need to be able to deal with the complex moral shifts that options will make available; because people will start to have a choice about who they want to be, literally and figuratively.  However, those moral opportunities and dilemmas will require a different moral base… and there is your second tier, not all this goofy stuff the faux-green have extended about integration.

I’m here to say that integration is based on what you can dis-integrate and a chicken and egg incapable of solution because of reality being an open system! You NEVER reach the point of integration, because at every point of integration, there are additional emergence which are not integrated, the very essence of life itself evolving and co-creating us in the process!
You can’t go farther than you can go, until we produce systems that change how far you can go (and we will, it’s part of a new freedom, which is constrained now because you can’t go far from the genes you were given).
UNTIL then, within three generations, maybe (Philippine generations) of 15-18 years!, or western generations which are trending much longer, we might be little longer, still within 50 years, we’ll be able to do whatever we want, in those respects… including determining within a large degree of freedom, how long we program ourselves to live, which means we need a momentous leap in understanding about what it will be like to live beyond what we imagined, and what happiness means to each individual.
From anti-aging to life extension, to life design… those will require 2nd tier people… and not just 1% but in the process of getting there, we’ll design those people for second tier as well, with ValuDYNAMICS™ @F-L-O-W. Join me, won’t you?

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