Smart Teenage Brains May Get Some Extra Learning Time
I found the following story on the NPR iPhone App:

"Smart Teenage Brains May Get Some Extra Learning Time"
     by Shankar Vedantam
NPR – September 23, 2013

John Hewitt is a neuroscientist who studies the biology of intelligence. He’s also a parent. Over the years, Hewitt has periodically drawn upon his scientific knowledge in making parenting decisions….

This was presented in the context of epigentics. 

Young brains are more adept at picking up, for example, language. This diminishes around adolescence, or so we thought. Now there are findings that higher IQ show an extended period of adeptness at learning. Due to a increased sensitivity to the environment.

Could be that genes that lead to higher IQ also lead to extended learning period.

Regarding a relationship (if one exists) to IQ and young brains:

Look at the graphic below:

The curve of intelligence (whatever form I suspect) diminishes with age (IQ) and our experience is scaffolded by crystalized rather than fluid intelligence resulting in a scaffolding of more or less wisdom — although in my case, it must be questioned, hehe…

There might be a reason for this…

The older we get the more contained our potential in values… seems to be, which would vector our potential, thus limiting perspective, through the filter and biases which emerge and gain density and frequency based on inborn motivation…

I’m not sure that thought has entered the meme-sphere… yet

I plan to discuss this in ValuDYNAMICS a little later on in the year…

However, this can be all modified by another DYNAMIC and that would, or may exist in concert with, or addition to, values… capability… and then of course the myriad other effects such as content, context, conditions, code, culture, and core that extend themselves into every situational container.

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