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Leadership Behavior Modeling System

Harry Dent, a leading financial and economic forecaster, gave his 2014 forecast yesterday.  You may learn more about Harry Dent at http://survive-prosper.com/.  In summary, he forecasts treasury bonds will reach 3.7%, gold is headed further down, after a brief stock market surge up it will crash, commodity prices will continue their downward slide, and cash in US dollars will be king.  Although this may sound bleak, there are alternative possibilities and it is the wise person who considers her/his options to come out on top in 2014 and beyond.

I think this is an important set of forecasts to remember and while staying in an avoidant or defensive posture will appeal mostly to those wanting to reduce or manage risk from an avoidant system, it’s important to realize that a fairly large number of people and institutions are going to be happier and in many cases successful using or being aware of these strategies, IMHO.

I think it’s also important to note there are other strategies which are probably just as viable.

When you are assessing efficacy and probability, I believe it’s important to note the underlying assumptions which are valued.

In my next introduction to the 2014 Leadership Behavior Modeling System or LBMS, I want to draw your attention to how ValuDYNAMICS™ are critical to consider when designing your own scaffolding, which attunes you to using particular strategies to identify appropriate actions and potential consequences.

If you view DENT’s system as largely an avoidant system, you can value his strategies appropriately, noting there are 3 other very important ValuDYNAMICS™ that must be considered in designing scaffolds for the future as well as explaining the past!

I plan to discuss some of the aspects of how the LBMS can provide you will quick and easy tools to understand how to attune your design in life, work, or relationships to give you the most for the least as things grow increasingly complex!

It will be important, in my view, to know what your design assumptions are in order to understand how behavioral fit going forward will optimize your growth and development as well as production and consumption now, near, and far.

Join me for a brief introduction of this Approach @F-L-O-W on Monday, January 6, 2014.

To eat, to exercise, to sweat, to lose or gain…

Can all be designed into scaffolding that helps you produce and consume the "right" things for you!


PS: Join us Monday, January 6th at 8:30 pm ET to soak in the Living @F-L-O-W viewpoint.

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