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One of the things I’ve done over the years is try to move out of prime time, and in many cases time-shifting the television experience.
Others have quit television entirely, which is probably the most efficient way to deal with the advertising onslaught (you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!)…
While I have NOT quit television, I have moved more and more away from commercialization of TV/movies @BS — at least in the more sophisticated ways we are now seeing, where advertising is built into the TV/movies.
Often I find myself enjoying TCM (as it’s one of the movie channels here in ph.
Today early I was watching "Tribute to a Bad Man" with James Cagney.
Since it was a Wyoming movie, I enjoyed seeing the scenery and also the crystal clear skies of the 50-60s I remember growing up.  Now the skies are not as crystal clear, as our human presence makes itself known on the planet.
The story was interesting (and perhaps typical), but there were amazing meta patterns there:
Man dealing with the environment/social system, and being shaped by that same process/system.
Man’s ego journey and struggles with his own shape… shaping and shaped…
There are interesting lessons, which is why I’m writing, or so I think…
In reviewing the work I have been doing around the Postmodern leadership development system and the tools I’m trying to create, I realize that it’s so critical to understand capability, bias, style, level, role, our values, and the system dynamics we are in… in order to design scaffolding for our lives, work, and relationships.
I hope to talk more about that this coming week with the introduction call to the 2014 developmental program.  I have some interesting ideas and opportunities for those who are "purposely" engaged @F-L-O-W and their own developmental journey.
Visit HERE to listen to the replay of DESIGN @F-L-O-W: 2014 and Beyond. 

PS: For an overview of what Mike has lined up for 2014, visit HERE.


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