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Are you running the wrong operating system?

The reason I write this piece is in anticipation of my short intro for my 2014 Coaching System, where I combine my developmental coaching approach @F-L-O-W with a Leadership Behavior Modeling System [LBMS].

The one thing I see over and over in my clients around the world is that they are attempting to run the wrong operating system underneath it all.

Society right now is operating largely @BS (Blank Slate = anyone can do, be, have, become, and contribute anything; we are all equal, we are imperfect and thus must be in perfection mode, etc.).

Which means that 95% of the people out there are running their own "personal apps" on the wrong operating system — no wonder it’s inefficient!

There are four basic operating systems:


Most everyone is attempting to amalgamate them as one system @BS… which means you switch back and forth between them as the situation demands = sounds cool, but very inefficient.

We do have a new system beginning to emerge in quantity but still less dense than those previous four operating systems = contribution.

I’m not suggesting you try to run this new opsys yet!

Because, if you don’t know where "HOME" is, then you’re just going to be co-opted by the approach just like you are being "matrixed" @BS.

You want to know why corporate rules?

BECAUSE THEY GET IT, and as a result, you’re getting it, just not what you need, but what you want, which is becoming a growing gap, destroying equality around the world and eventually social order.

While you might not appreciate my alarmist mode, I can help you help yourself and become part of the solution if you just get one thing = YOU!

YOU = different.

Working in the right opsys can streamline production and consumption and remove inequality in the world — as President Obama states –> the greatest problem of our time!

I agree.

I don’t agree with how he’s solving it @BS, but I agree that inequality will kill us, all of us eventually.

While most of us don’t want to solve problems bigger than we are, if I could show you that you can become part of this process –playing big — while remaining small — would it matter to you?

If so, let me have a crack at showing you a path that my clients around the world have helped me learn to teach.

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