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What is @F-L-O-W and why you should care.

Some say @F-L-O-W is a movement because it is bigger than one person. In fact, the whole idea is peering, sharing, glocalization, openness, and collaboration.

Glocalization is a combination of global consideration and local action.

to emerge happiness & success
in a post-modern world

(We added the @ sign to depict several ideas around movement, and stability, and the democratization of technology, finance, and education, as a result.)

Some key components of @F-L-O-W as compared to Blank Slate, the current legacy platform, are:

@F-L-O-W   Blank Slate (BS)
Happiness leads to Success Success Leads to Happiness
Shift from wants to needs Shift from needs to wants
Focus on Self-knowledge Focus on Self-awareness
Respects Irrational Decisions Pretends Rational Decision-making
Collaborate  Concentrate
Networked Values  Hierarchical Values
Recalibrate Often Stick to your knitting
Perfect, yet Misaligned  Broken–need fixing
Consume to Live     Live to Consume
Everyone Different  Everyone Same
Each To Their Own: Fairness Each To Their Own: Sameness

@F-L-O-W is not the answer to everything, perhaps nothing.  What it does offer is a transition approach that is much less violent than what is emerging around the world because of asymmetrical life design.

Action Steps: @F-L-O-W asks for a simple set of actions:

• Recognize that Happiness is natural, success is not for the vast majority.

• Self-knowledge leads to a deeper, more profound understanding of how we are different.

• Understanding ourselves and our deepest needs, leads us to want less, not more.

• Stop pretending we are the same, and equal with regards to everything but inalienable rights.

• Realizing YES and NO decisions are often made irrationally, and we can account for that, rather than become a victim.

• Reaching Out transcends our natural misalignments with life.

• Sustainable Success comes out of design and those who can, should.

• Getting Feedback is critical to becoming more competent.

• Noting that values do matter, and each has their own "best" practices, suited for specific life conditions.

• Keeping score helps us address inequalities and misalignments.

• Using Recalibration rather than suffering from diminishing returns in accelerating change and complexity.

• Establish Culture as key to reading the signs in our own lives and the lives of those in different cultures.

• Accepting ourselves and others as we/they are, and living from that realization.

• Implementing recursive methods to unwind, unlearn and unravel the unfolded experiences.

To learn more about the book @F-L-O-W, join our free membership site where we will share more videos and notify you in advance of the actual book launch time plus the opportunity to be first in line to collect your fast start bonuses, some of which are in limited supply.

If this struck a cord with you then you will want to read and study the soon to be released book:

Find, design, Use Flow
to emerge
happiness & success
in a post-modern world.

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