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This is Mike’s birthday [March 23rd he will be 61] and it would be great if we could each send him a birthday gift so that he may give Rice to those in need in the Philippines.

Your entire donation [100% less PayPal fees] will go toward feeding the less fortunate Filipinos this Easter.  (Read below to better understand the effort Mike is putting into this Fund Raising Campaign.)

In return you will receive a digital e-book(s) of @F-L-O-W, which you may give away to someone else, if you already have a copy.

Please put out a note on all of your social networks to help the cause and they will also receive a digital copy of Mike’s book.  You can say something like:

I just gave to the Rice Fund and received a FREE digital book on how to experience greater happiness in my life: www.f-l-o-w.com/book/gift


"It’s still premature, but we have finished the testing for the rice in a bag meal and I think we’re ready to provide those in addition to a rice meal on Easter morning to street people.  I’ve got the cost down per person pretty low for the fresh meal and the only thing we have to do yet on the rice meal package is to get the seasoning correctly transferred from the fresh meal to the packaged meal and find a way to get our protein up a little.  I think I know how to do that when I get back…

My plan is to offer the Easter sunrise meal in front of my condo this year for street people or to rent a food cart and offer that to test the meal offering…  We will give to each person a free rice meal package similar to the feeding people everywhere package that the MyPals will be making on the week before…

The key though is getting sacks of rice out for holy week starting on my birthday (palm Sunday, March 23)…

The Living at FLOW program in April will pave the way for people going into the group coaching I will offer in May.  I will get that written up and the Coach2 program."

– Mike


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