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         Letter to Santa @F-L-O-W

      The holidays…aren’t for everyone, help me spread some cheer,
                         and blessings from
you, me, and we!

I’m writing to wish you a happy holidays and to tell you about a special project you can help me with during this festive season. I know you’re busy, so I won’t delay my wish at Christmas.

Here’s what I want for Christmas, can you play Santa through me?

Go here: and buy my new book @F-L-O-W, choose either eBook, or Print Book, and I will take care of the rest. I promise you that the book will be well worth the ideas it will generate for you, me, and we.

Now, here’s why, if you want to read my Letter to Santa.

For the past decade, I’ve been traveling the world and testing a system which is the basis for a new social operating system, which is something that I wanted to do with my life, work, and capability.

I’ve just celebrated 25 years in professional coaching and it has been an interesting journey.

As a result I’ve just soft-launched my new Platform @F-L-O-W, and I am making the book behind this multifaceted approach to happiness and success available in both print and e-book as part of a pet project I have been working with for the past 3 years in the Philippines–working with disadvantaged, high potential single mothers who need help in learning marketable skills to get a meager job so they can feed their children without doing whatever they have to, in order to make ends meet.

I receive requests daily for help to provide rice, medication, doctor visits, and any opportunity for dignified income.

In a recent book by Gallup Founder, Jim Clifton, he writes:
"The leadership problem is that an increasing number of people in the world are miserable, hopeless, suffering, and becoming dangerously unhappy because they don’t have an almighty good job — and in most cases, no hope of getting one." Clifton, Jim (2011-10-04). The Coming Jobs War (Kindle Locations 36-38). Gallup Press. Kindle Edition.

While my game is a small game, I’m trying to make a small difference, while they allow me to study their lives to improve my new Social Organizing System @F-L-O-W.

I have a personal request, in fact, I’ll put it the way they put it to me daily, and that is I, for them, am begging you for help for them, during this precious holiday season…and if you have never begged for help, you are a lucky person, as these people beg for help almost daily, for any manner of things they so desperately need.  Just finding food sometimes is a major task.

Rather than just asking for money, I’m donating a LARGE part of my book sales all during the holidays to purchase rice during the celebrated holiday week so these people can have a little money to buy their children a gift instead of just buying rice for Christmas and New Year.  I know that if I provide them rice, they can use the few pesos they save to purchase an annual gift for their children, a new Christmas dress or pants, as poor people get their annual new clothes on Christmas.

In exchange, I’ll send you an autographed copy of my Print book, and donate the rice in your name during the holidays.  I’ve even created a special rice program just for this 2-week period during Christmas and New Year’s Day.

I’ll list your name among the donors and you will receive special prayers and thanks from all the people who receive your donation.  I do not take any money for administration, as I already have our staff in the Philippines ready to help us and they will do their part.  For the past two years, we have even added street people in the Malate, Manila area, going out on Christmas Morning to give them a food gift to make their day a little brighter.  All the money donated gets to them as rice.

If you can take just a moment to go online and purchase my book, in either version, I will donate $20 per e-book and $30 per print book for each book you buy.  Visit to buy now.  I am very proud of this decade-long effort @F-L-O-W, and I think you will get some really great ideas from this book about how to live, work and relate in the future with the suggestions I make in the book about how we need to adapt to accelerating complexity.

Thank you very much for considering my personal request to you. I may not know you too well, but I want you to know that I appreciate the opportunity to serve disadvantaged people with your scaffolding and support, and wish you well-being.

Best wishes during this holiday season,


PS: If you can, purchase more than one copy, and let me know how to sign it for you. Thanks for your kindness.

If you can send this Letter to Santa to others who will help, will you? Thank you.

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