Cybe Monday Thank You

Thank You for joining us in
Cyber Monday Special Offer

You get more than $20k worth of retail programs for $997, but (disclaimer), you must pay the admin fees calculated per level program from 1- 9, at level + $10, staring at level 1 = $19.95, Level 2 = $29.95 … Level 9 = $99.95 per program, there are multiple programs per level.  We are adding programs all the time to the platform @F-L-O-W.  You don’t have to pay admin fees for any program you don’t want to take, but when you do want to take a program, admin fees are required.

For 2 years—through 2014, you get unlimited access to the programs here, as shown Sunday, Nov 25, 2012 in my R&D site: Not all information is complete, this is my R&D site and our Team @F-L-O-W is running a little behind, but this is a R&D Price for Cyber Monday, come back in January for Retail Prices! (kidding right, pass up this opportunity, no way!)

Visit to view the 9 levels of programs.

Please "whitelist" as it is the email that will be giving you the dates and times of all the classes.  Also if you have any questions, please submit them to the same email address.


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