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Flawless 2012 & Beyond

Be, Do, Have–>Become READY!

Welcome to Designing 4 Disruptions!

2012 will be full of tests for us during the coming "volatile period" from 2012 to 2014.  Many people are predicting mayhem, chaos and dark days…and it is true that might be on our plate.

However, if you use this guidance that we will help you design during this program, you can reduce most of your risk to "0"!

This future-forward is built on what I call Resilience Density.

AND, to keep things simple,

…which means we’re not going to prepare for EVERY contingency, just the Big Ones.

I can show you in about 6-10 hours what you need to do to begin to design a more resilient future for you, your family and your community during the remaining window of opportunity we have before things get really dicey.

MOST of what is going to take place in the next "period of volatility" is going to upset most people’s plans for the future.

OUR goal is to not let that happen, no matter where you are right now, you can design and build in resilience in what I call the now, near and far.



We don’t always have enough resources and we don’t always have enough time.  However, if we can create a resilient design, we can shift time and resources quickly into areas that provide us with the means to our ends, and protect us from Armageddon, usually disguised as having month left over at the end of the money!

The biggest foe you have over the next 2-10 years is RUNNING OUT OF MONEY!

I mean cold, hard cash.

Now, that doesn’t mean CASH, or money is the holy grail.

It just means that in the circumstances going forward, a renewed attention on maintaining adequate cash and/or resources in your system is going to be MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, than it has been.



I can, without a doubt, predict for you the greatest NEXT event in your life will be called a "disruption."

Whether it’s baby Ava, or a divorce, or a global financial economic meltdown…the NEXT greatest event in your life will be a disruptive act.

Resilience is required to offset "disruptive" acts.

Of course you would prepare for Baby Ava’s coming, but what if you don’t see her coming?

And that is where things get dicey.

Disruptive acts or events can’t always be prepared for, yet in your life, disruption is what catches us by surprise…and can take us, our family and our businesses to our knees.

Disruptions are what make up volatile periods of time.

Welcome to Disruptions 101.

In order to prepare for what we can’t know, can’t see, and can’t time…we need to design a plan from which we can shift resources quickly, and create increasing density of support and scaffolding at the same time, we experience the tension and pressure of the disruption!

My goal, is to have you walk away from this program with a design in your hands that you can improve, and validate for the next 2-10 years. Your program will help you through the disruptions that are absolutely going to occur during this period.

In order to prepare for disruptive activity and suffer from the lack of resilience, you need to perfect a design that allows you to pick up early indicators, warning signs and sift faint signals out of the noise of everyday life.

I don’t care if you are a millionaire, or just getting by.  Looking at the four design principles of BE, DO, HAVE, BECOME, you CAN create an adaptive design that works for you.

Your design will be synchronized with your values and the way you want to live your life, do your work and build your relationships, thereby avoiding the downside effects of disruptive activity.

This is not some business contingency plan remake.

This is NOT your father’s oldsmobile.

This is a decade-in-the-making design exercise that allows you to synchronize your happiness, success and resilience into a basic scaffold guided by your most important values.

Designing for Disruptions is a key formula I have created and tested around the world, and it will work for you too.  You just need to give it a chance.

Benefits of this program:

  1. Pick up the audio recordings of programs from your membership site all year long!

  2. Learn how to perfect your approach to life and relationships, by working through a happiness lens, that is guided by your major values.

  3. Use a VALUSync™ approach to guiding major decisions you make over the next 2-10 years.

  4. Understand how VALUSync™, and the BE, DO, HAVE, BECOME System works to give you a flexible approach to HAPPINESS & SUCCESS.

  5. Walk away with a MAP of Being, Doing, Having & Becoming that you can use to navigate the next 2-10 years of volatility, change and transformation.

  6. Participate in a community whose sole aim is to advance the principles of living well, making a contribution and collaborating in the coming paradigm shift on our doorstep.


Here’s what we have in store for you:

To help everyone kickoff 2012 on the right foot, we are offering 6 calls to help you navigate through the potential mine fields of our world economy and the potential aftershocks from them.

Mike Jay gave a series of introductory calls at the end of November on “Do – Be – Have- Become” which will provide you greater background into how to manage the complexities of your own valuing processes–this is key–because you have to get a handle on these and objectify them, because 2012-2014 will force you to be flexible with what is having you.  As a bonus you will receive links to these calls as well as an assessment to better understand which area fits you best before the program begins in January, 2012.

The Flawless 2012 BDHB Program is an extension of how to use valuing processes as design principles! to close the gap created by disruptive activity and leaving life "in the wind."

The call-in schedule is as follows:

January 6 at 8:30 PM ET Mike will present an introduction  [a free call, so invite your friends].

January 9, 10, 11, and 12 Mike covers “Do – Be – Have- Become” and how knowing which model fits you will help  you to safely traverse the mine fields

January 13 [yes that is “lucky Friday the 13th] Mike will summarize  and help bring everything into greater clarity.

The pricing for this program is simple, but graduated for those who want to register early:

Every 10 days through December  the price goes up 10%.  So…

You may also choose to pick and choose which calls you want to attend.  The four BE, DO, HAVE, BECOME calls will be offered at $47 each and the summary call $97, if you want to pick and choose. We recommend you get the package, but not everyone has the disposable income to sign up for the entire package, so pick one, take the assessment and then attend one.  The others are available, although at higher cost later.

Right now, the price for this entire program, plus our BDHB Assessment is just $247.



Thanks for reading about our offer and passing it along to friends and colleagues who might find it valuable, or partner with you in the design process.


Mike R. Jay

Here are your Lagniappes if you have joined us from Mike’s 2012 & Beyond Design Forecast Call:

Gallup’s 2011 in Review!

Internet Rising…?

PS: You will receive 2 simple, short, easy to complete assessments after you register, one which is self-scored, which can be used to have as a reference while you listen to the BE, DO, HAVE, BECOME VALUSYNC™ recordings, and the other which will be scored by our team and the results mailed to you on January 3, 2012, along with the reminders for the program and call-in details for the first call on January 6, 2012.

Thanks for considering this opportunity.

PPS: Do you notice the proliferation of offers like this?

Dear Reader,

This week, income specialist xxxxx shared his biggest secrets with you. These secrets could help you take back your retirement and catch up on what you need to live comfortably.

He explained how "Income SAFE IOUs" could pay you thousands per year (without touching a SINGLE stock…)

He showed how the "5 Min. Income BOOST" can put thousands of dollars instantly in your pocket…

And he revealed why "Elite Dividends" may beat any kind of dividend payout you’ve ever seen before…

Now, after 18 months of up-all-night research, Jim’s finally ready to show you how to take advantage of all these secrets.

But as he explained earlier today… despite these benefits… you may NOT think you’re right for these strategies.

What is key here is this:

NONE of these offers will save you from the kinds of disruptions coming, they will all succumb!

They will take you underwater with them, just like your house did when the housing market collapsed and you’ll be stuck with bad loans, bad paper, bad investments –>that might not ever come back in your practical lifetime, JUST LIKE THEY DIDN’T in the GREAT Depression<– that is the kind of volatile world we are entering in 2012.

NO ONE will be safe because they have this or that, own this or that.

It will require you to take your design, resources and scaffolding and adapt it quickly to build a bridge over the gap created in your life, work and relationships by DISRUPTIONS.

In this program, I’m going to show you what I mean and I’m going to show you how to design around these things, as much as anyone can.

Join me, won’t you?

AND, here’s my guarantee.

If you don’t agree that this program delivered on the benefits, then just email me and ask for your money back, so you can use it on a program that does, or feed your family if you need to within the next 90 days past your registration.

Thanks again for joining in.



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