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Learn about the new revolution in mobile content delivery and the undermet needs globally for "helping" content, so desperately in demand in mobile communication vehicles.

ARE YOU Ready for the Coming R/Evolution of the Mobile Influence?

So what is all this stuff about apps have to do with me…and you?

Check out the inside cover of a book straight out of Stanford’s Mobile Research Lab!

Mobile Persuasion NOW!

"To solve today’s problems we need mass changes in behavior. That’s what mobile persuasion is all about." – Editors BJ Fogg & Dean Eckles

The Future of Persuasion is Mobile
"Mobile phones will soon become the most important platform for changing human behavior. . . . Nothing can stop this revolution." – BJ Fogg

"Mobile technology allows us to reach young people so that any given moment becomes a teachable one." – Deb Levine

"MyFoodPhone has shown that people are willing to use mobile devices to manage health-related issues." – Sebastien Tanguy & Peter Heywood

"Mobile persuasive games offer a promising tool for intervention because video games are adept at creating fictional worlds." – Ian Bogost

"Mobile phones change behaviors by creating a unique relationships between the patient and the device." – Peter Boland

Augmented Reality: Using Mobile Visualization to Persuade
"If augmentation shapes how we perceive the world, then we can shape behavior." – Sean White

Transforming the Mobile Phone into a Personal Performance Coach
"Imagine having a personal coach with you all the time, helping you target behaviors that matter to you." – Alex Kass

Personal Health Assistant in the Palm of Your Hand
"The mobile phone platform can enable an ‘always there,’ ‘always relevant’ user experience." – Paul Hedtke

Mobile Persuasion for Everyday Behavior Change
"Through using our mobile applications, individuals become aware of longer-term trends in their behavior." – Sunny Consolvo, Eric Paulos, & Ian Smith

Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences
"Mobile users are now ready and willing to engage with their favorite brands on mobile phones." – Josh Ulm

The Four Pillars of a Successful Mobile Marketing Vision
"The mobile platform can transform the brand promise into a concrete reality." – Eric Holmen

"Something as mundane as saving a game’s world can be highly persuasive: Rewards induce learning." – Steffen P. Walz

"The need for esteem is met through the personalization of mobile devices." – George LeBrun

Mobile Persuasion Design Principles
"Being mobile is much less about technology, and much more about culture, connectedness, and fundamental human needs." – Mirjana Spasojevic, Rachel Hinman, & Will Dzierson

The Need for Simplicity
"When a device or service purports to do all things for all people, it usually doesn’t do any of them very well." – Martin Cooper

Redefining Persuasion for a Modern World
"Mobile technologies persuade by becoming part of how people interact with the world." – Dean Eckles


Anything that is worth doing for the future is going to be available on-demand, or by prescription…on a hand-held device, and later on a device worn which doesn’t require the use of our hands…and what is going to run on those delivery vehicles?

Apps! Apps! Apps!

Applications that are self-contained running on a philsophical as well as material operating system.

While the content delivery will work off a digital operating system, the meta-messages will philosophical begin to point people in a different direction.

IF anything can cause behavior change at the metaphysical level to begin to slow down consumption and the acclerated use of resources, it will in fact be behavior change…and more than likely behavioral realignment.

The Apps environment is the closest thing we can get to an always-on system customized and aligned with behaviors that are consistent with downshifting an emphasis on consumption, and upshifting the planet into behavioral alignment with their own happiness vectors.

Ready to hear about these new ways of Being, Doing, Having and Becoming?

The time is ripe for change…and you don’t have to change, but you have to come into behavioral alignment with who you are in order to extinguish the drive for consumption and to get out of the "rat race"…before you become the rat!


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