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"Growing US $ While They Shrink @F-L-O-W"

Diamond Option @F-L-O-W

Special 2012 Offer

Thank you for your interest in the Diamond Option @F-L-O-W, which is being offered at a significant discount to boost our 2013 Kickoff @F-L-O-W.


Purchase Today and Save $10,449 on all of our program costs, with this special price as a bundle for 9 Levels of Programs.  You will enter our special Diamond Option Membership Team and own the rights to your very own lot in our Philippines Retirement Resort on Camotes Islands.


Let me say that again a different way:

Purchase your Diamond Option Membership @F-L-O-W today, get free access to 9 levels @F-L-O-W and receive the rights to a lot in our in Philippines Retirement Resort with mountain and ocean views on a secluded island like Hawaii–100 years ago.

While it might seem like a crazy idea, we protect your Diamond Option @F-L-O-W investment by actually giving you, in a worse case scenario, all your money back in five years. If your lot doesn’t sell, generating you "Rights Income" within 5 years, we give your money back to you.

What’s more, we park your funds in Philippine Pesos, one of the fastest appreciating Asian Currencies on the market. In just the past 5 years, the Philippine Peso has appreciated by 20%.  If you invested at the 50 peso per USD ratio 5 years ago, your payout would be at the 40 peso rate!

If you want to park some USD in an investment that you can take advantage of now, and protect against the dollar’s depreciation, then this is a safe bet.

Immediately upon receiving your money, we will convert the dollars to pesos, and purchase your Peso Rights Agreement, with our CLUBUnion, Inc. developer, who is a licensed Filipino Corporation in Good Standing.  The company has purchased 2.6 hectares of beautiful mountain property less than 10 minutes motorcycle ride from the boat dock at Consuelo, Camotes, Cebu, Philippines.

The development is in Phase I of infrastructure development and needs funding to develop infrastructure, water, electricity, and Plaiting of Lots (more than 100 from from 100 sq. meters to 200 sq. meters), with gorgeous ocean views, crystal clear skies, clean fresh water, and pristine ocean air–centered right in the heart of the Philippines.

We are proud to offer this Right’s Purchase along with our Philippine Partners and Lifetime @F-L-O-W Membership for this special Level 10 @F-L-O-W benefit.

Aside from the 2 years of guaranteed live instruction from Innovator Mike R. Jay, who will walk you through @F-L-O-W, the transition to your next self, helping you to shed the conditioning of Blank Slate and you are broken and need fixing; we are partnering with our Philippine Shareholders to develop Phase 1, by offering a $2,000, or 80,000 php peso rights offer.

If your lot is sold within 5 years, or you decide to exercise the rights and buy it yourself for market value, you can redeem your rights for 80,000 php pesos converted to USD in five years, or apply the 80,000 php pesos to the outright purchase of the lot, through a Philippine Partner. (Foreigners can’t own land in the Philippines, but we have land partners who can provide you with a co-sponsor for 2,000 pesos of month caretaking fees. (about $40), who will watch and care for your lot until you decide to sell, or build for the future.

The investment potential is summed up by Cebu Philippines Governor in 2011:

Gov. Garcia was a most gracious host in attending to the guests and spoke glowingly of the island’s tourism potential. What’s more enchanting about the Camotes Islands, however, is the warmth and simplicity of island residents.

"Camotes has been chosen by the Department of Tourism as the new “iconic product” in Central Visayas. This means the Camotes will be among the DOT’s priority destinations and will receive more promotion assistance from the department. Island leaders are crafting a tourism development plan of their town."

We will be offering a select few to join us in a Diamond Option membership to @F-L-O-W and the first 9 of the 12 @F-L-O-W Levels of experience.

See the link below for the outline of the 12 @F-L-O-W Levels of Experience.  Each level is self-contained, but may build on a prior level for content, vernacular, and systems.  From October 2012-January 2014, when the programs officially begin their 2-year rotation, we are offering a Founding Membership to those who wish to gamble that this work is right for them, or will someday be for them, as this is a lifetime membership and includes the live programs, and recorded audio and transcripts/modules where available.

Diamond Option Membership does not include admin fees, associated with each registration for the program at time of offering the live program, but for this founder’s membership, it will be "capped" at $97 per program.

It doesn’t include retreat fees, travel, or assessments, or other materials that are included in the normal pricing and as may be developed over time. In order to participate fully in the program, an admin fee is required.

However, if you are okay listening to recorded audio and following along, only sampling live those programs, which you want to participate in, this is going to be a great way to save thousands of dollars over those who are paying the retail fees.

This is for believers, people in the Inner Circle who want to continue to support our foundational work and for the person who wishes to become an early adopter and save serious funds doing so.

Refunds are not provided, except as noted in the agreement, so consider this seriously before registering. We will provide a money-back guarantee, that if you don’t agree that the program is for you within 30 days, your money will be returned in 45 days, less an administrative charge of $197.

Welcome to @F-L-O-W.

As a Diamond Option Member, all R&D Programs in the @F-L-O-W  system are provided at no charge, and a special badge will be provided for all events, should you decide to attend. You will also notice the clock ticking.

Come join us as an Inner Circle Member. Your Individual @F-L-O-W membership will be paid automatically each year, and you will never pay another fee for membership at the founding level.

Today your Diamond Membership investment is $2,997.

Click here for a list of the 12 @F-L-O-W Levels of Experience.

Our Guarantee:

We know you will gain much more over the next 2 years than the small investment you are making. However, if for whatever reason you decide to cancel at any time within the next 30 days, you will be refunded your investment less an administration fee of $197. Your refund will be paid to you within 45 days.

The 12 @F-L-O-W  Levels of Experience: [Note: over the next 2 months we will be providing more specific information on each of the levels as part of our Beta Upgrade in 2012, and we’re moving our main website from flawlessliving to f-l-o-w.com.]

To Take advantage of this offer now, please click the ADD TO CART Link below for your $2,997 investment:

If you prefer you may take advantage of our Payment Plan.  Pay $650 today and then 5 additional payments of $500 every 45 days  for a total of $3,150.

There was a live call to provide a more in-depth overview of this special Diamond Option program on Oct 22, 2012 which you may access HERE.

If you want to receive call-in information, just drop your name and email at
http://www.f-l-o-w.com/diamondoption and you’ll receive your call-in information.

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