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Here’s a note I got from what may be the most accurate prognosticator for the past 2 decades… Harry Dent.

I remember reading his book: The GREAT BOOM AHEAD in 1993, and how it really came true, and also reading The GREAT DEPRESSION AHEAD in 2009, which was very helpful, although I had already predicted the calamity of 2008 myself back in 2007.

Here’s Harry’s Latest Update:

On January 31st, Harry will release his video presentation: THE NEXT FINANCIAL MELTDOWN: Harry Dent’s Shocking Predictions for 2013.

He’ll provide details on:

GOLD: Harry expects gold to hit new highs in the first half of 2013. But watch out after that! Wait till you see where it’s heading next…
THE DOW: When will the Dow’s great crash to 6,000 (and ultimately 3,300) begin? And exactly what you can expect in 2013…
BONDS: Will bond rates stay at historic lows or are they going to zoom higher? You’ll have to watch Harry’s forecast video to find out.
REAL ESTATE: Is now the time to buy real estate? Not if you want to be upside down. Harry says, "The real estate market will decline another 30%, despite the lowest mortgage rates in 40 years."
INTEREST RATES: The Fed has promised to punish savers until at least mid-2015. So what are your "safe-money" options? It’s not what you likely think.
CONSUMER SPENDING: One group of spenders is about to slam the breaks on their spending… a move that will cripple the economy. Harry will tell you who these people are and what you must do to protect yourself.

This is without a doubt the most important event of 2013, and I hope you’ll take time out of your busy schedule to join.


Harry does his work using demographics, and once you understand this huge structural dynamic, you can do this work as well. But Harry’s data is flawed. Harry bases his data on life as it was, and would be IF…

And those IFs are what I would like to offer you as a quick set of patterns that I have discovered that will undo the conventional prognostications who are using the past to equal the future, and like Harry, are working out of the rear view mirror.

Want a quick look through-the-windshield about what I see happening over the next 2 years?

Join me for a quick update and an actionable set of behaviors that can put you in the driver’s seat for the REAL ROLLER COASTER’S RIDE when we hit Seneca’s Curve…

FORTUNATELY, a new window to the world has opened with some very special patterns outlining some very interesting structural dynamics — shifts that you won’t miss, and unlike the investors who are talking about your money in their investment vehicles, I have a unique vehicle for you to invest in… YOU!

Come join me, or listen to the recording of the live call.  You should have an email from with the call-in instructions.  Please be sure to white list it [make sure it does not get lost in your spam filter].

Click the "Register Here" button below to access our FREE membership site where you will have access to all of our upcoming open webinars as well as other helpful resource materials to assist in your investment in YOU.


Mike R. Jay, Founder

We look forward to joining you around the Virtual Camp Fire. 

Team @F-L-O-W

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