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I just read an article in The Atlantic.  I really liked what it said and thought "someone has a good grasp of what our purpose is on this earth".  Then I read some of the comments  and was brought back to the reality that people are for themselves only and to h___ with the rest of the world. 
The following is part of that article:

"American military search-and-rescue helicopters, surveillance planes and Marines streamed toward the central Philippines on Sunday to survey the devastation and assist survivors," The Los Angeles Times reports. "Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel directed the U.S. Pacific Command to deploy rescue teams, helicopters for airlifts, logistics officers and cargo planes to assist in the relief efforts."

Help is what we ought to give, of course.

Events like the Boxing Day tsunami in Banda Aceh, the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and this storm in the Philippines unfold on a scale so staggering that we can’t help but be shaken from our indifference to most tragedies. Is our usual behavior shameful? Is it fortunate that we’re typically able to be indifferent in a world so full of suffering that feeling its scope everyday would destroy us?

The philosophical question isn’t one I’ve answered. But the aftermath of these disasters often prompts me to reflect with fresh eyes on humanity’s questionable priorities. 

When I read a rundown of military assets being sent to rescue survivors and deliver supplies, I feel grateful for the logistics officers marshaling their expertise, but also struck by the fact that the tools we’re using were designed to fight wars and are being temporarily repurposed. I wonder what a fleet as well-funded as the U.S. military’s would look like if it were optimized for natural disaster response.

If you are interested, you may read the full article HERE.

As I see it, part of our purpose here on earth is to help others.  We in the USA have it easy, it is almost impossible to stare due to our various social nets.  People in the third world don’t have social nets.  That is a huge difference.

Mike Jay has been devoting his time and resources over the past 3-4 years to help raise single and disadvantaged mothers in the Philippines out of poverty by "teaching them  how to fish and not by just giving the fish".  That being said, sometimes circumstances are such that they need the fish  also.  This is why Mike is making two exceptional offers to you.  Below is one offer, his personal coaching.

Experience Mike Jay @F-L-O-W in a professional coaching marathon Nov 13-16, 2013 from 7 – 9 pm ET.

Donate $50 USD and get 15 minutes with Mike live on any topic you want. It’s simple, dial in from anywhere in the world, ask Mike any question or pose anything you want coaching on and Mike will provide you with live session and recording of your session for use later.   You can read about the other by clicking HERE.

Help Mike raise funds for supporting people devastated by the recent Philippines Super Typhoon! Each $50 USD purchases one sack of rice to be distributed throughout our MyPAL network in the Philippines.

Click HERE to learn more and to make your donation.  Mike will send you available times for you to select. Mike will keep coaching until all donations are covered. 

Visit HERE to watch 5 short videos on Typhoon Haiyan and how you can help.

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