Be Happy and Successful in a Crazy World @F-L-O-W

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Be Happy and Successful in a Crazy World @F-L-O-W


Why Who You Are Is Better Than What You Do!

What You Will Learn:
*Find out reasons why you trade-off inborn happiness for successLearn to differentiate 3 domains before consciously integrating them
*Discover the secret of flow-generated happiness in accelerating complexity
*Learn to tell the difference between productive and wasted behavior
*Walk away with ideas to accelerate happiness and decrease consumptionOn the eve of Mike’s new book launch @F-L-O-W, listen to the author outline specific steps you can take to Happy-Charge.

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Who Needs to Attend
*People who see a wall, not unlimited opportunities.
*Those who are ready to take their life, work and relationships to the next level.

This webinar will be led by the World’s Most Innovative Coach, and long-time Infotool user, Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach and Developmentalist. Mike will challenge you with his counter-intuitive approach to turning the world upside down and shaking out your happiness.


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