1FLOS 2013 renewal discount

Individual @F-L-O-W

Dear 1FLOS member,

My intention is to keep this Inner Circle list running as we get ready to bring new members @F-L-O-W. However we are going to increase the fees for the list.

While I realize it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I know that in the more than one year you have been with us (in almost all cases), I’ve provided some real value on this list; in fact, so much so that I am amazed that we have not grown the list…and I guess I am just deluded about that, and so be it.

In any case, as of October 25th the yearly membership is $197. Anyone joining after that period of time, as we begin our launch sequence … will pay that fee.

We have added an extra feature.  You may choose the monthly auto billing membership, which is $19 per month.  Both the monthly and the yearly membership will auto re-bill your credit card when the term is up.  You may cancel at any time.

If you never want to pay another annual fee, read on.  If not click HERE.

During December I am going to offer a special diamond option to the people who purchase the book on Thanksgiving.  But I am offering this option now for those of you who don’t want to pay any more annual fees for the Individual @F-L-O-W. Our current diamond members do not pay for the list, and receive all programs tuition free, paying only a small admin fee to help us pay the basic hard costs.

During December I am going to offer a special diamond option.

It’s somewhat complex because it involves what we are calling a "rights option", meaning you get the money when we sell, or develop a lot in our Philippines Generati Phase I project.  During 2013, we will be raising infrastructure funds and are doing so by giving a rights package (as foreigner’s can’t own land outright in the Philippines)…which means, if we sell your lot to raise funds for development in Phase II after infrastructure is in place, you will be paid an amount in Philippine pesos equal to the amount of your rights, in this case, $1,997, converted into pesos is 80,000 pesos.

This rights offer expires in 5 years, which means if we have not sold your lot (lots are chosen based on the order in which people come into the program)…lots will be chosen December 21, 2013, one year from this December, once infrastructure and surveying/plaiting of lots is completed.

At the end of the term, we will repurchase your rights by paying you the 80,000 pesos in US dollars over a 24-month period. Basically, you either receive the money directly at the time the lot is sold and we make the transfer to the new owner, money clears, etc. or your money is returned.

Now, what do you get for your diamond option:

–TFI lifetime membership at no cost, no annual fees, no admin fees.

–Opportunity to deposit US dollars into Philippine pesos (pesos appreciating against dollar about 4% a year).

–Opportunity to receive FREE TUITION @F-L-O-W during the time you hold the diamond option.

–Opportunity to visit the Philippines and your lot, stay at my rest house in Cebu or Camotes on me. You pay the travel, and expenses. I pay your lodging, food, and island transport to and from the property for 5 days, along with providing you a personal guide to accompany you during your visit.

The bottom line for a Diamond: pay $1,997 now, receive the benefits listed above, and at the conclusion of your Diamond term you receive your money back with interest (remember the peso is appreciating against the dollar), and you will have received all of our programs at no cost (less the small admin fees).


Drs. James and Manya Arond-Thomas have already experienced this opportunity and I welcome you to email or chat with them about the validity of the experience and our care of them while they were in the Philippines.

Regarding Tuition @F-L-O-W, you can see the current programs offered at http://www.flow.ph/levels along with pricing and the Diamond Option is Level 10 @F-L-O-W. Any program below level 10 is yours for a small admin fee (admin fees per level are the level 1 = $19.95; level 2 = $29.95, etc. through level 9 = $99.95. These fees are based on administrative costs and hard overhead for each program.

If you want to learn more about this program, just drop your name and email at http://www.f-l-o-w.com/diamondoption.

You may continue your Individual @F-L-O-W membership using our yearly membership offer at $197 or our monthly auto re-bill option at $19 per month by visiting  HERE.

Thanks for being a member of TFI.  We look forward to many more years of your participation.


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