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 Interview @F-L-O-W
          Welcome @F-L-O-W!


You will be participating in a 10-15 minute interview, the goal of which is to learn how you think and feel about what is important to you, what motivates you, what is your sense of urgency, where is there leverage for you in F-L-O-W, and what appears as low-hanging fruit for you in life, work and relationships.  There are no right or wrong answers, it gives us the opportunity to view your own ways of making meaning, and how you make sense of that meaning.

A little background on the Dynamic interview @F-L-O-W:

“This form of subject-object  interview is used to assess an individual’s unselfconscious epistemology or principle of meaning coherence. The interview procedure is in the tradition of a developmental coaching session in which the interviewer using dynamic inquiry poses questions to determine how a given content is construed.”

The contents are generated using a formula called IMULL, what is important, motivating, urgent, leveraging and low-hanging fruit, facilitating a dynamic inquiry by the interviewer about the individual’s real-life experience and will involve emotional as well as cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal aspects of psychological organization of meaning making by the person being interviewed.

We promise it is not designed to be harmful, or intrusive, and person’s who are interviewed are asked to be as candid as possible, and at the same time to not reveal things that would be considered off-limits by them, even though the interview is strictly confidential and will not be seen by anyone without your written permission.

The probes are listed below. The probes are provided ahead of time so that you may reflect on them if you wish in order to clarify how you would like to represent your thinking, and/or feelings about them.

In order to prepare for the interview look at the probes and reflect or consider what is going on in your life right now regarding your needs and wants for F-L-O-W, as you have more than likely registered for a F-L-O-W program and this snapshot interview is a part of scaffolding you in that process.

The interview will be digitally recorded and subsequently transcribed in order for it to be used.

Note: The majority of people do not speak in an epistemological manner which means the interview must ask a series of probing questions that will uncover the deeper structure. These questions might seem redundant or invasive; however it is absolutely necessary for the interviewer to ask these types of questions in order to get content that can be analyzed.

If you are uncomfortable at any time please tell the interviewer. Also, we assure you that all identifying variables will be removed at the time of transcription. These interviews are fully confidential.


Importance: Is there something important now, in your life, work and relationships?

Motivation: Are there things motivating you to engage now? IF so, what might they be?

Urgency: Why now, why here, is there a sense of urgency, if so, about what?

Leverage: If you do this, you get what…and then what, and if that comes, then what?

Low-hanging Fruit: What do you need to take away from this engagement?

Phone number to call for the interview will be 1-206-402-0100, pin 513252#

Email your administrative contact to set up an appointment.

Thank you for participating with us @F-L-O-W!


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