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Thank you for your interest in the new Leadership series with LeaderLEVELS™

To listen to the short 5:19 minute audio overview click HERE

In the short audio, Mike talks about how we begin to assess this fluid capability and what is the assessment criterion model behind understanding this fluid capability, which Mike calls LeaderLEVELS that Mike has been using over the past ten years.

You should have received the download to a white paper from the Center for Creative Leadership on “Future Trends in Leadership Development”.  If not, you may obtain it by clicking HERE.

If this course is something you will benefit from be sure to enroll before June 11 and save $100 in tuition.

The class schedule is:

June 10th: Introduction [Open call to everyone]
June 17th: Session 1: History of Hierarchical Complexity
June 18th: Session 2: Fischer Skill Theory
June 19th: Session 3: Building LeaderLEVELS™
June 20th: Session 4: LeaderLEVELS™
June 21st: Special Bonus call on “Applying levels of LeaderLEVELS™”.

Join Mike for an overview of how the system of hierarchical complexity provides a proven base for understanding post-modern leadership development and how Leadership Skill Theory is advancing in the direction of sizing leaders to role based on the complexity of the tasks required.

BEGIN to understand why most job descriptions are failing leaders because of their composites of reasonability which extends beyond the capability of the leader and how matching leaders to levels is going to be a profound way to reinvigorate learning, growth and innovation, while increasing productivity dramatically.

LEARN how HR is going to be reinvented, and how training is going to be reconfigured in a postmodern approach @F-L-O-W.

You just don’t want to miss this introduction if you are involved in Leadership Development, Coaching or Training.

  – how reasoning levels work
  – how leaders develop decision making skill over time
  – what different levels mean and how to recognize them
  – how to work with people at a different level than you
  – how to recognize that all problems can be reduced to accelerating complexity
  – where to apply this system
  – who to get help from when you get in over your own head
  – where research is today and how fast it’s moving to help us understand our
    own ability to develop reasoning skill

You may register for this program beginning now and until June 10, 2013, for a fee of $197, and $297 afterwards.   Class begins June 17 and continues each evening that week.

NOTE: All classes will be recorded for you, incase you want to re-listen or if you miss a class.

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