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Organizing Lower Order Actions
Leadership is not always thought of as a complex hierarchy and yet, more than likely, the mechanics of leadership are in fact arranged in a hierarchically complex manner.

For example:

If I’m going to lead effectively, then I have a number of personal actions that are likely to be important, such as understanding myself and others, communicating with clarity, managing myself and others, as well as the results, work, and strategies — as a leader — I select and employ.

Which of those is more complex than the other would relate to the lesser complex actions being organized, integrated, and used in a more complex coordination.

It may be extremely important to organize leadership activity hierarchically to understand that more complex leadership will require more hierarchically complex task performance.

The idea that we can learn anything may hold up somewhat.  However, what is more likely to be true is that we can’t coordinate everything we learn in a way that allows for the emergence of complex activity designed to deal with complex circumstances.

See Generati for an example where the meta-competency is the emergence of an order of complexity designed to coordinate and organize lower order actions into more complex task performance.

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