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Welcome to the  second 2013 Guidance program for June on LeaderROLES™.  Each month a new program will be introduced.  Each program will have an "Open Invitation" call followed by 4 closed calls.

Leaders must take the collaborative approach to role design. However, this means that we have to adopt the idea that we do have limits, that we can begin to recognize them, design with them, and then create systems which allow for collaboration using this information.


   ** how leaders set people up to fail and how to reframe that to have success.

   ** THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE to overcome in Role Design.

   ** perhaps the easiest way to offset accelerating complexity in our life, work, and relationships.

We will make the leadership case for beginning to embrace the idea of using hierarchical complexity in design roles @F-L-O-W.

In a 4 session discovery process, we will outline the process as Mike has developed it thus far with the team he is using to reference the work, strategy, and role design @F-L-O-W.

The class schedule is:

June 24th: Introduction
June 25th: Session 1:
June 26th: Session 2:
June 27th: Session 3:
June 28th: Session 4:

Your class site will be at http://f-l-o-w.net/2013/leaderroles/class.  We will be moving it to your protected member’s area later which you will find at 

Your class site will contain the link to each webcast as well as the audio replays 
and any other reference materials which may be provided.

All calls are on our webcast which you can reach by phone at 1-206-402-0100, pin 513252#.  

Or you may call in for Free using Skype.  Instructions are at 
http://www.f-l-o-w.com/skype.  You may also join online using the links under each session.  Classes are held each weekday evening at 8:30 ET.

Be sure to understand our phone etiquette by visiting 

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our support system at flawlessliving@gmail.com.

If you would like to learn more about our 2013 Guidance programs and/or access 
previous and future calls at a discount, visit


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