Be, Do, Have, Become–Contribute @F-L-O-W

Be, Do, Have, Become–>Contribute @F-L-O-W

In the Heart of the Matter @F-L-O-W, values matter, which you will learn is part of the Competence Pilar @F-L-O-W (Remember the five Pillars: Awareness, Purpose, Competence, Wellth, and Scaffolding).

I have named this process ValuSync™ and this level @F-L-O-W makes a very complex subject simply enough to create specific tools that you can use to predict about 40-60% of yours and others behavior, at least the motivation behind it. If I said to you, "Will you accept a way to categorize 40-60% of your own, or other behavior and to be explain why it’s happening, would you want that capability?"

And that is what this set of tools does for you. Over the past decade, I took research from Dr. Clare W. Graves and David McClelland, information they created at largely the same time, in different places for different reasons, and creatively synthesized there basic tenets into a very usable and applicable tool kit to explain motivation and movement.

Discover 4 movements that make up almost all of our values vectors

Learn how motivation and movement are correlated

Identify how powerful research models simplify the explanation of our behaviors

Walk away with a Be, Do, Have, Become–>Contribute Tool Kit

Understand how to map almost all motivational models in a simple way

Use these tools to enhance your Motivation and Movement @F-L-O-W

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