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This program is a group interaction for 14 sessions that is guided by Developmentalist and Founder @F-L-O-W, Mike R. Jay.


The personality assessments we need you to have, so that we can create a portfolio of your assessments that you can share with the group if you agree to do so are:

  • Kolb Learning Style Inventory

  • Personal Values Questionnaire by McClelland

  • Personal, Interests, Attitudes and Values (Spranger)

  • DiSC by TTI

  • MBTI Step II

  • Strengths Finder

  • Motivational Profile

  • Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation

  • Big 5 Profile

  • Enneagram Lite

The developmental assessments are the following adult developmental instruments:

  • Leadership Decision Making Assessment (Dawson)

  • Subject-Object Interview (Kegan)

  • Model of Hierarchical Complexity Score (Commons, et al)

  • Sentence Completion Map (Cook-Greuter)

  • Kholberg Moral Development Score (Kholberg)

  • Social Perspective Taking Score (Kholberg)

  • Languaging Density Score (Jaques/Jay)

Scores from these adult developmental systems, allow us to create for you a Talent Map, or LeaderPATHTM which you can use to understand your maturation trajectory and the range of development that will be more important to you, when. This map can continue to guide your development over the course of your life and is probably the most important part of this program –> that is the “acceptance process leading to @F-L-O-W”.

“Assessments are amenable to empirical? methods that stem from an educationally oriented cognitive developmental perspective that stretches back to Baldwin and Piaget. This tradition is concerned with understanding: 1) the developmental pathways through which concepts typically and optimally develop; 2) the particular sub-?concepts required to construct increasingly adequate understandings at each new developmental level; 3) the range of sub-?concepts required for an optimal understanding of a given concept; and 4) effective methods for developing these concepts. These learning sequences are an important type of usable knowledge and can serve a variety of purposes.” Theo Dawson, PhD

The syllabus for the program is a fluid structure, because as you know when you work with a group of people, more than half of what takes place is dictated by the group dynamics.? While we want structure, we also want to be able to get off the freeway and smell the flowers where necessary.? The syllabus will have scheduled times ascribed to it, once the class is fully formed, classes start forming 30-90 days prior to kickoff but no longer.

MeetUps are 2x per month for 7 months. Sessions Meet 8:30 pm et, the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month for the charter program.

  1. Orientation and Introductions

  2. Review of the FLOW Model

  3. Review of Personality Dynamics

  4. Review of Adult Developmental Systems

  5. Integrating the Talent Map Information for your maturation trajectory

  6. Reviewing the LDMA

  7. Reviewing the Sentence Completion Map

  8. Reviewing the Subject/Object Interview

  9. Reviewing the Model of Hierarchical Complexity

  10. Reviewing Kholberg Moral Development

  11. Reviewing Social Perspective Taking

  12. Reviewing Spiral Dynamics

  13. Program Review

  14. A possible Retreat can be scheduled for November or December?

There are particular requirements for this program, which are not included in the fee of $997 for each person. The program can be taken without your own personal assessment, but it’s not advised. If you have already taken these specific assessments, you do not have to take them again, but there is no reduction in the fee, for your information. The cost for the personality assessments in the program are $397 and the developmental assessments are $2995, and they are packaged for a discounted price.

In this group interchange we rely on many different learning modalities, some of which can only be learned through the group interchange. We do allow for people to attrit and to come and go and to miss classes to a point, as we have found we can maintain the core group which holds the container for the group interchange over time, even with the coming and going and the attrition in the program.

We offer a refund after the first session of the program, complete and full, less a 15% administration fee to cover such things as credit card payments and refunds, the administrative work it requires to get everyone to the first program and the value of the first program. We do not begin taking assessments until after Session #2 for this reason, so please note that in your syllabus.

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