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Need some energy and information this holiday season?

Mike Jay has released his latest book in what he calls a soft launch while he puts the finishes touches on his first upgrade due out April 15. Mike realized that as a paradigmatic operating system, he had to release the system in order to begin to allow people to create APPs for the system now.

Mike’s idea a decade ago, before there were iphones and apps, was to note operating systems ran applications, which produce behavior, his so-called triple loop learning concept, he has taught to professional helpers around the globe.


What took more than a decade to develop was to test and upgrade a paradigmatic approach to social operating systems and frankly, that takes a lot of time, even though Mike had some of the best clients a person could ask for…Mike took his work to Russia, Latin America, Asia, and Europe to fully embrace the ideas that cultural operating systems provide as a backdrop for our applications…beliefs, and behaviors. Working diligently across North America to identify the essential components of Social Operating Systems, Mike knew that to identify the personal operating systems that were running us all, we had to understand what was happening in the evolution of happiness, success and the tensions in-between.

Mike knows now that he can’t keep the lid on this any longer and has to provide the basic elements and teachable points of view that go into the mix to create your own APP to run on the current social operating system…blank slate–the i can be anything system we’ve been entrained upon.

While Blank Slate (@BS) offers us many opportunities, it has certain consequences in operation that are becoming serious liabilities as we scale population, technology and activity. We are seeing the escalation of trade-offs that causes us to continue to give up happiness in the process of maintaining an increasing standard of living…across the world.

Mike has shown in the book, that to create your own APP running @BS, will require more and more tension on your inborn happiness. While most can’t adapt quickly to a new paradigmatic social operating system, an inflection point has occurred, and there is an opportunity for you to build your personal APP @F-L-O-W, allowing you to run @BS more efficiently, effectively and sustainably as you make adjustments.


I know this probably sounds really complex, but Mike can help you get to the far side of complexity, through the labyrinth on this side in 4 sessions of FastStart.

Want to get moving quickly?

The simplest way to digest the book’s underlying models is to join our Faststart @F-L-O-W program. This 4 session program is led by our trained facilitators who are familiar with the Faststart @F-L-O-W. In four, hour long sessions, you will have the opportunity to take out the book and walk along with our facilitation which covers the highpoints and the tacit models which are used to create the book.

Learn why inbornness is not deterministic, and offers us creative opportunities.

Understand three Targeting Mechanisms @F-L-O-W

Grok the central theme of Blank Slate, and how the Blank Slate Virus Works

Differentiate your happiness, success and the tensions in between them

Understand why Free Energy is the most powerful concept you can use

Learn which programs, and at what level @F-L-O-W is your best investment.

The world is FULL of opportunity, and with the right guide, it’s amazing what you can accomplish @F-L-O-W. Join us for a look @F-L-O-W and register for the FastStart program today.

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