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Now here’s some information about the BOOK @F-L-O-W:

There was a time when life seemed simple, people had responsibility for their lives, people were happy sharing their meager possessions, and friendships, working with neighbors to make life better, experiencing life, even without all the modern day conveniences we enjoy today. Then something changed. After WWI, Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s Nephew) published a book in 1928 called PROPANGANDA, where he demonstrated humanity could be mass-manipulated. This book still remains as the Secret Bible of PR.

Now couple these methods with this idea: During the depression of the 1930s, it is reported that Lehman Brother’s Investment Banker Paul Mazur said, that in order to lift the country and the world from the malaise of the depression, people had to be shifted from needing things…to wanting things! “We must shift America from a needs-to a desires-culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things, even before the old have been entirely consumed. Man’s desires must overshadow his needs.”

This combination of mass-influence and shifting people from needs to wants has led to the greatest expansion of consumption in history. Adding money and credit, consumers bathed in the means with which to satisfy every “need.” In 2002, Stephen Pinker wrote a bestseller called BLANK SLATE, in which he outlined some of the assumptions our society has adopted as fit and finish. @F-L-O-W picks up where Pinker left off and shows how modern Blank Slate, or BS for short has along with mass-influence of PR linked with money and credit, has perpetuated the greatest assault on inborn happiness the world has ever experienced. @BS we are all broken and need fixing. We should become and have anything we want and it is available to us all because we are all created equal, if only we would work hard, study hard, do the right things, take the right action, follow the right guru, and never give up…damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!

The result fits right into the CORPORATE puzzle of ers for success striving, robbing individuals of their production of happiness, as we are always striving to make ourselves better, to climb the highest mountain, to fight the unbeatable foe, and to compare ourselves to CORPORATE, now societal standards that were made up of composites, only an ego could love, and what follows as the good life, marketed to all.

Let me ask you this: How is that working for you and the world?

Today we have sacrificed our happiness believing each new level of success–as told by the CORPORATE Media Story–would produce each new level of happiness we all longed for in the good life. Purchasing, rather than producing, has become the answer to everything. Blind @BS, we now work harder to make more money in order to buy what we have been mass-programmed to believe we need to be happy. Life has become a Catch 22.

And the changes on the horizon with the global democratization of finance, technology and promotion promises a new normal where programming in mass is legacy marketing, but individually customized to provide us with even more fractionalized solutions that increase our wants geometrically based on our individual differences! Whew.

After 25 years of professional coaching clients around the globe, Mike R. Jay began to see an alternative emergin to Blank Slate when his clients began to hit the wall of “enough” and “more” as each new level of success didn’t produce a next new level of happiness, but a larger gap. Mike coached billionaires and found that they as well, had the same issues, as the rest of us…each new level of striving, each new castle, jet, or acquisition produced a widening gap with more new toys and troubles, not deeper and more profound happiness. Over the next 15 years developed and tested his new paradigm @F-L-O-W, seeking simplicity on the other side of complexity, and now reveals a simple paradigm of counter-intuitive assumptions about the way the world, and reality actually correspond.

In the book, Mike and friends make the case for why our happiness is already inborn, although not always linked to joy, and pleasure. Mike points out a path @F-L-O-W designed to guide you out of the rat race, slow your consumption of success, and produce enhanced levels of naturally motivated happiness, a gift of your inheritance. Mike outlines 12 PRIMES that are guideposts to break free from the path @BS, get off the merry go round of consumption, to begin to find other ways for the planet’s citizens to answer the accelerating limits to growth.

PLANET CORPORATE is gearing up to a whole new fractionalized, and customized paradigm of consumption for you…as that, believe it or not, is all we know. In some ways, it’s not our fault, the rider on the horse, or elephant if you prefer, only seeks to placate the ego. This is not a business bashing book, so don’t expect to find anything other than a breakthrough process to see your life, work and relationships in a new light, with new assumption about how the new normal is underpinned in a postmodern paradigm.

The momentous leap described by Dr. Clare W. Graves in his 1974 Futurist Article is finally at hand, …”Western man appears ready to move up to a higher level of existence, a distinctly human level. When this happens there will likely be a dramatic transformation of human institutions” as Spiral Dynamics Integral by Dr. Don Beck suggests in his admonitions to his followers. This leap is much more complex than most can imagine @F-L-O-W, and a guided transformation will be led by those who can, with those who will, in ways that are possible for those who can’t.

While the book is not a book about ego, this movement is, and the ego, in all its glory, used @BS to create irrational wants and desires by a CORPORATE ENGINE designed?with all good intentions?to make gainful employment for all, has its sights set on enveloping us all in growth, consumption and desire. The way out of the cul de sac is exposed by Mike, and you will be glad you picked up this book for your grandchildren. Mike shows how gradually decelerating consumption of things, leads to increased production of happiness, and no-things, fertilizing the ground for cultivating innovation, a transduction of energy and information into awareness, purpose, competence, wellth, and scaffolding, for you to be, do, have, become and contribute who you are, rather than being coerced into the matrix of postmodern life.

The book is practical, filled with models, and tools, which each person can customize to his own journey, guided by essential PRIME elements and teachable points of view. Make no mistake about it, this is not your father’s Oldsmobile, and if you think there is other way to think about the world than as you find it, a new dawn awaits you @F-L-O-W. Visit for member resources, videos, and teachable points of view about this new movement.

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