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This is a discussion list for inner circle members which Mike Jay (Founder @F-L-O-W) uses to R&D @F-L-O-W. Daily insights from a wide-array of topics, concerning economics, psychology, biology, adult development, religion, spirituality, business, and many other topics are all on the discussion plate and active. Mike posts everyday and you can read the emergent ideas coming out of the Lens @F-L-O-W, adapting them and using them for your own life, work, and relationships.

Mike waxes philosophically about poverty, money, and international events, politics and deeper discussions about how we are in the world. If you don’t get one great idea a day in this thought partnership, it’s rare.

How are we making sense of our emerging world, and how increasing complexity is our largest hill to climb are common topics. We know we are all in over our heads, but making sense out of how and why and inviting often raw discussions of very polarizing topics are all ways in which to tease out the emerging material @F-L-O-W.

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