Primes @F-L-O-W

In the Theory @F-L-O-W, Teachable Points of View, we call TPOVs are arranged in a manner much like a periodic chart of elements. These elements then form combinatorial beliefs, attitudes, worldviews, values, and behaviors.

In this essential program @F-L-O-W, as we did in the book, we outline what we call the PRIMES. These PRIMES @F-L-O-W are designed to give you a quick set of tools, filters, and if you will biases with which to immunize yourself as quickly as possible against the Blank Slate Virus, or BS for short.

This is critical because the design in BS is to manipulate you, using your own irrational beliefs as the basis from which to control your consumptive behavior. By switching you out of needs to wants, a panoplay of experience can obfuscate or cloud your intrinsic purpose.

Colluding with our irrational nature for more, BS undermines our ability to say YES and NO to people, places and things which all serve to ingratiate us towards increased consumption to keep you in the rat race, and on the merry go round, chasing your tail, or your grail, both are the same.

Happiness is NOW, but always postponed by BS, as we are influenced through “propanganda machines created by those (all of us involved in the consumption-affluence paradigm) who benefit from your inconspicuous consumption.

In the world that is emerging, resources-at least those in traditional formats–are going to reach limits. Consumption and the affluence design correlated with it, to create the good life will literally have us at each other’s throats as we compete for these resources, rather than collaborating, peering, sharing and glocalizing, which is more closely matched with our innate purpose–to be alive.

What the PRIMES @F-L-O-W provides is a set of guiding elements which are easy to learn, understand and grow within yourself to come back home to yourself and leave the influencing tactics of the advertising gurus object, at least, so you create some space between your life, work and relationships and a society which is driven almost purely now by the needs to grow bigger, more affluent and devise because of the distancing of the haves and havenots.

This is not some “never buy anything again, live like a survivalist” paradigm!

What PRIMES @F-L-O-W provide is guidance for necessary consumption–each to his own–while being respectful of those who are not as fortunate.

Life Is GOOD @F-L-O-W, and better because of our lessening dependence on growth–as more, as the only way to solve problems.

Our greatest gift @F-L-O-W is to eliminate problems, rather than consuming resources to solve them.

Review the 5 Elemental Categories @F-L-O-W elements or TPOVs.

Discover 15 PRIMES, three of which are not in the book.

Learn specific practices that help you to weed out the Blank Slate Virus

Identify how to shift from wants, back to needs.

Explore the opportunity to replace and substitute current BS Behaviors

See how Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Air are metaphorically represented

Walk away with a set of tools to enhance your own happiness and success

Build density & frequency using Memes @F-L-O-W to reach a tipping point

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