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I’m writing to wish you a Happy New Year 2013.

Some say, you have to be careful what you wish for…and I believe those of us who have wished for interesting times are being granted that wish ten-fold as we start what I believe will be the Roaring Teens!

I know. It’s difficult to see that on the edge of a fiscal cliff, debt default, and a global humdrum of an economy…but if you could see what I am seeing here in Asia–5 billion ready to consume people nursing on western media, well, you would realize that we have a limited view of the world.

I’ve just written a Book @F-L-O-W: Find, Design, Use TALENT to Emerge Happiness & Success in a Postmodern World, and I’d love the share the ideas with you about now, near, and far ways to re-calibrate your system for the coming paradigm shift to a. b. normal.

Forget about the new normal for sure, we are headed into a territory that is governed by limits to growth, peak fossil fuel use, and the transduction of carbon energy into knowledge, skills and innovation.  It will truly be the best of times and worst of times.

I provide a step by step guide to decoupling yourself from the real economy, in transition to the economy of the future, which all of our wildest dreams…and nightmares will come true in some form.

To navigate that shift, a tectonic elixir is required to begin to decelerate accelerating consumption, get you a seat on the anti-aging train that is pulling into town, and prepare you for the 55 and alive crowd that has just bellied up to the bar in the western world.

If you wanted interesting times…poof!

We got ’em.

To get the digital or print copy of my guide to living with yourself in these a. b. normal times, visit www.f-l-o-w.com/book and chose which version you’d like to partner with and I’ll donate the funds I receive to helping disadvantaged single mothers in the Philippines navigate their own barriers to the good life.

Your Partner in Time,

Mike Jay

PS: Drop me a note and let me know how you get along with my guide to the near future @F-L-O-W.

PPS: I’ve got a recorded audio for you about my 2013 Year-Long Guidance Program for Developing Leaders, if you would like to listen, just visit: www.f-l-o-w.com/2013



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