@F-L-O-W Manifesto

 Manifesto @F-L-O-W

        Find, Design, Use TALENT to Emerge Happiness
                 & Successin a Postmodern World

“Flawless was always meant to remind us that we are without flaws, but different, and can be compared to no other standard, as each life is an exemplar of the flawless living manifesto…it is the scaffolding that makes it so.”

What is the @F-L-O-W? @F-L-O-W is a social operating system that relies on scaffolding people, not changing people. @F-L-O-W is a system based on strengths, informed by limitations and constructed using scaffolding to bridge the spaces.

@F-L-O-W relies on the invisible hand of inbornness, rather than self-interest, to dictate the scaffolding required for success at the personal, professional, business and network levels.

@F-L-O-W is founded upon self-knowledge, and our limited conscious attention in noticing means-ends activities as Efficient, Effective & Sustainable (EES).

@F-L-O-W is an inter-subjective combination of Teachable Points of View (TPOV) designed to produce an emphasis on Inbornness and a relationship to success requirements that are met through the scaffolding that flows from our design for happiness.

@F-L-O-W is contrasted with Blank Slate(BS): a system formalized by Public Relations (PR) and Edward Bernays, which believes that people can be made to think anything if the approach is customized to their unconscious motives; versus a F-L-O-W approach where people are consciously aware, albeit limited, of what they really want and need, choosing instead of being influenced; to notice, instead of comparing themselves to others; to see their differences as gifts, not as something to be fixed.

@F-L-O-W can be as simple as allowing who you are to become what you do, and reverse the process of your identity being your work, rather than your work, being your identity.

@F-L-O-W is formed from 4 pillars: Awareness, Purpose, Competence and Wellth–a synthesis of well-being and wealth.

@F-L-O-W emerges from 12 elements like a periodic chart, to create combinatorial effects.

@F-L-O-W is known by it’s fruits: the scaffolded differences striving for equality and justice in moral living in a new century of understanding that each of us is flawless, but in need of scaffolding to optimize our contribution to self, and whole.

@F-L-O-W is based on the premise that we are differently inborn, diverse manifestations of 4.5 billion years of an evolutionary crap game. No amount of equal access, rules or judgment, or personal change will make us whole, or successful. Yet the scaffolding for each of us lies to be discovered, improved and enhanced through the diversity of our Capability, KSEs (Knowledge, Skills, Experience), Values, Ego, Personality Dynamics, and the Results that remain as Artifacts from our Culturally Scaffolded behaviors.

@F-L-O-W is a design that scaffolds EES, lowers consumption of material resources influenced by global: Peering, Sharing, Openness, and Collaboration.

@F-L-O-W contrasts Happiness AND Success, while not making it a game of trade-offs in the process.

@F-L-O-W focuses on scaffolding in the third space, where our strengths reform and our limitations inform our needs for scaffolding, support and maturity.

@F-L-O-W means less is more, not more becoming less. @F-L-O-W favors simplicity on the other side of complexity, with clear insight about simpleness on this side of complexity.

@F-L-O-W is dispassion, detachment, compassion, and impersonal love for one another.

@F-L-O-W is Being, Doing, Having and Becoming in a sea of potential, timeless opportunity and the emergence of inbornness in all of it’s flavors, flaws, and limits.

@F-L-O-W allows rather than prohibits; designs rather than fixes; aligns rather than maximizes.

@F-L-O-W is NOT about Happiness AND Success, it is about equilibrium and the emergence of entropy. Happiness AND Success are tools that are used to design alignment between a variety of interdependent systems, all of which are dissipative structures – living systems that react to perturbations in an energy and information quest for least resistance, effortless flow, and purposeful action.

Helpful Hint: @F-L-O-W functions in and among all levels of complexity, as a lens to notice and guide the natural ebbs and flows of living systems; that of focusing not on change, but on scaffolding differences for optimizing contribution from express self and sacrifice of self inbornness.

Action Step: Can you conceive of yourself and others as already perfect – manifestations of 4.5 billion years of creative evolution – not to be changed, but enabled, and aligned?

Will you accept where you can be in support and of support; and can you actively dialogue with others about your own personal discovery, disclosure and acceptance, as in FLOS Engagement.

If this struck a cord with you then you will want to read and study the soon to be released book:

Find, design, Use Talent
to Emerge
Happiness & Success
in a Post-Modern World.

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