New Beginnings 2013 @F-L-O-W

New Beginnings @F-L-O-W

  Make 2013 your year to shine, with Mike Jay


As professionals, at this time of the year, we reward ourselves with much-needed rest and a time to catch our breaths.

I keep saying, or remember myself saying in past years, I’m going to really go on sabbatical this December and just do what I want to do and invariably, something interesting seems to arise that has me allocate the "rest time" to it and I enjoy my rabbit hole through the holidays.

This year I’m thinking through the holidays as there are a lot of things on my mind for the next year.  I’ve seen some serendipitous things go on around me in relationship to my awareness, purpose, competence, and wellth, which are, I think, scaffolding me as I am, rather than how I might be.

This set of gifts occurred during the year-long scurry in my dragon year, which is not up yet — February 9, 2013 — to be exact and I can feel the lingering effects of not being there yet, as we approach the greetings of the season.

I’ve already scaffolded 2013 and beyond and have several milestones, which I will reach with several of my long-running program ideas, such as Holorg and Enterprise Facilitation, which I have been working to scaffold during my last 3 years in the Philippines.  I have a couple of big projects like one I am calling ValuDYNAMICS, which will also be part of the solution I have designed @F-L-O-W, a book I soft-launched this year.

I’ve still got three very important chapters in the works for final rendition @F-L-O-W which will put the remaining pieces together and I’ll be doing those with your help in early 2013.

My thought today was that the best way for me to work was through a collaborative effort which serves the two masters of my time:
     1) stakes in the ground, and
     2) helping hold myself accountable for an intuitive progression through our jungle of space, time, and noise.

Big things will happen over the next 18 months, and I have not yet decided which side of the double-edged sword we play on through this period.

My next year started with my Forecast Sneak Preview on Dec. 21, 2012 [Movement @F-L-O-W members may access the replay in their members area – buy the book to become a member], and my updated annual Forecast @F-L-O-W on January 3, 2013.

I promise you this period is going to be the best of times and it may be the worst of times as well — asymmetrical at best.

I’ve decided to offer an opportunity that I have often thought about, but never offered, and that is a program of teaching, coaching, and collaboration.

In 2013, beginning with the introduction of my forecast matrix, I’m going to offer 12 open coaching calls with a special group of people who will spend the year with me.

Here’s what you get for playing.

12 monthly calls beginning with my Sneak Preview & Forecast Calls about the future, now, near and far; best, probably, and worst case scenarios.  Book owners have access to the recording in their members’ area.

Access to ANY of the programs I teach during 2013 [visit for a summary of these programs], and you pay no admin fees or materials fees and get lifetime access to my recordings.  My program schedule is a little up in the air until about February, but I’ll be teaching and giving you access
to my Talking Points @F-L-O-W during January.  Until I decide my schedule, those recordings alone, along with my new book, will be value-laden for you to begin the new year with insights and ideas about where you are headed purposely in 2013.

I’m going to offer you 4 personal coaching calls in 2013.

And of course, you can email me and I’ll respond to you like I do always, and we’ll fill-in the gaps.

How would you like to have this kind of access to me and my new programs, as well as my thinking through what will prove to be a period of inflection in values, desires, and mechanisms of change?


The offer is currently set at $1,497.  After January 31, 2013 at midnight, the offer jumps to 1,997 USD and after February 6th it settles at the retail of $2,997.

Need a thought partner for $4.10 a day?

Need someone to bounce ideas off of for less than the price of a McDonalds meal?

Want a guide to help you develop vertically–noted as one of the key challenges during a period of transition, like we are in?

Our Guarantee: If at any time during the next 30 days you do not feel that you are ready for our sharing with you, you may request a full refund less an administrative charge of $149.

Click here to play.

I’ll provide some interesting assessments that are in the works for you as I beta test some cool new stuff in 2013 and give you the skinny on what I do with my clients globally, as well as keep my feet on the ground working with each of you in the process.

You’ll get to see the backend of my system, how I approach the launching of my products and services worldwide and how you can benefit from having a coach on call–a prepaid coach ready, willing, able, and fit to give you scaffolding at a moment’s notice.

I’ll show you how I use R&D through collaboration to spur me on in ways that are truly magical and emergent.

Thanks for being out there and for considering a bold step to play in a different arena of developmental coaching @F-L-O-W.

Wishing you the very best in 2013,


PS: Don’t wait to get started on your next Life @F-L-O-W.

PPS: To receive notification of our free introductory calls, register at


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