2013 New Beginnings @F-L-O-W

New Beginnings @F-L-O-W

                  Make 2013 your year to shine


Thank you for electing to join us in making 2013 your NEW YEAR as it may just be a re-birth for many of us as we venture into @F-L-O-W.

Living @F-L-O-W will mean different things for each of us and they will be differences we will cherish.

When we live our lives to meet our happiness values instead of what we think others want or expect of us, suddenly our lives will become what it is meant to be.

Some of the benefits you will receive are:

Access to all of Mike’s programs in 2013,
12 monthly calls,
4 private coaching sessions,
no admin fees [Saving up to $618]
no materials fees [could save you $100s]
lifetime access to Mike’s recordings.
yearly membership to Mike’s Inner Circle [value $197]

You will be added to our membership site if you are not yet a member.  This is where you will access your products and check on our schedule of events.

Our Guarantee: If at any time during the next 30 days you do not feel that you are ready for our sharing with you, you may request a full refund less an administrative charge of $149.

Mike will provide some interesting assessments that are in the works for you as he beta test some cool new stuff in 2013 and give you the skinny on what he does with his clients globally.

If  you have any questions, email support@f-l-o-w.com

Seasons Best to you,

Team @F-L-O-W

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