2013 Orientation @F-L-O-W

               Thank you for joining our 2013 R&D Experience @F-L-O-W.

The following is part of our orientation for the program and consists of some materials that will prep you for the program.

Free Assessments @F-L-O-W

All assessments are free of charge and are helpful in the self-knowledge process.

Please NOTE: Please send your results by email to (mypal @ flow.ph) in create an assessment library online for your/our reference–included with the program.

Take | Change State Indicator | Overview

Take | Type Indicator

Take | Big Five Assessment

Take | Locus of Control Assessment

Take | Learning Styles Assessment

Take | Enneagram Sampler [Scroll down page to input responses]

Take | Character Strengths

Take | HeartMath Stress & Well-Being

Take | Reinforcement

Intention @F-L-O-W:

The following files can be used in the program to help clarify your intention.

View | SLOT Overview
View | SLOT Worksheet
View | Blank Developmental Plan

Coaching @F-L-O-W:

[Applies only to those who select the "optional coaching package"]

Audio | Introduction to the Coaching Process

More Info @F-L-O-W

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