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From the Author

I owe you one more thing about Talking Points,

 …and it’s about the sense-making levels…

When people ask me to explain @F-L-O-W, I often use these Talking Points, although more are emerging, which help us get more Leverage @F-L-O-W.

But here is the rub (with counter intuitive, as well as with meta-systematic reasoning and enlightenment, fyi, approached from different angle)…

Even if you see it, you don’t believe it…

Nobody believes they are not broken.  They can’t believe they are perfect… yet if (Samurai) I told you to find a cherry blossom, and I asked you if it was perfect… you "could" say yes and believe it. Just like you could if I asked you to examine a crystal…"they are all perfect…" because they can’t be anything else, as they are manifestations of the underlying constituents, however varied they might be.  They are perfect, yet different…this is a koan…fyi…and why we can’t get it…

They often say (WHAT THE BLEEP, maybe?) that when the Indians saw the ships, they could not see them until they could know them…

This is what is happening @F-L-O-W, something that is so inconsistent with our "knowing" can’t be true…

That is the challenge.  So the memetic structure of this basin is just now forming.  I can’t even say to you what the motive core is, because it hasn’t been invented yet…  It doesn’t’ appear in any motivational assessments.  It is in no systems.  Graves gets close with A’N’ [Graves notation for "yellow" in SDi], see his doc:, this was reported written by Cowan, fyi…at Graves guidance…

You will notice that I added contribute… which is not a motive according to all the systems I have seen, which means to me, that it might be a candidate, hehe…

But still, we are in the early stages of trying to understand this piece of motivation… because it has to be a meta-systematic element, by nature, and not appear much in the systems we have.  Although people contribute… and are motivated to do so, but the ability to see this as a system, is a different picture; not that it is, just that I can say for now, it’s the best I got…

There are no real yellow systems.  They by definition can’t emerge until we get problems green can’t solve, and now you see the green nodal, as it just got re-elected by failures in blue and orange, with the co-opting of orange, express self to get later; something Gravesians don’t get, because they ran down a rabbit hole on values…

In any case…the idea is this…

I’m not saying we can’t start defining it, I am everyday.  But marketing it will be done through surrogate except to a tiny few; who in most cases are, as distracted with their new Christmas toys (meta-systematic noise), that they will flit in and flit out, like honey bees… who btw are disappearing rapidly in North America… beepocalypse, fyi… could kill us all anyway… and will –something so inconsequential in the chain of life, will just stop working… and we will be dead as a civilization.  So all this fret and worry about stuff we think we are in charge of… is quite silly don’t you think…

I loved this quote from Will Durrant:

"Forget mistakes.
Forget failures.
Forget everything except
what you’re going to do now
and do it.
Today is your lucky day."

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