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Over the next series of emails, Mike Jay will discuss Talking Points @F-L-O-W.

Mike was interviewed by Kevin Dawson, from Global Talk Radio about his new book and the audio is available in your complimentary membership area. If you haven’t registered yet, we invite you to do so using the link below.

Talking Point @F-L-O-W: Blank Slate

Mike found that the world is currently running an operating system called BLANK SLATE by some. Stephen Pinker writing in his best selling book, of the same name is quoted as saying:

"Four key issues are at stake in the human nature debate: the fear of inequality, the fear of imperfectability, the fear of determinism, and the fear of nihilism.

I’ve argued that grounding values in a blank slate is a mistake. It’s a mistake because it makes our values hostages to fortune, implying that some day discoveries from the field or lab could make them obsolete. And it’s a mistake because it conceals the downsides of denying human nature, such as mystifying the rationale behind
responsibility, democracy, and morality, and the devaluing of human life on Earth."

Over the next series of talking points, I’m going to contrast what I feel are important contrasts between Blank Slate and a system that I have named @F-L-O-W, to describe a different approach to how socially we need to look at shifting to a new paradigmatic operating system.

I’ll make the case for this new operating system by contrasting the major points I’ve identified working with my clients globally during my 25 years of professional coaching.

I’ve listed them here for you, and then in a series of talking points, I’ll speak more about each of them to outline my stance @F-L-O-W on their obvious differences, and how this differentiation promotes a new level of integration.

@F-L-O-W contrasts @BS in the following ways:

Blank Slate (@BS): @F-L-O-W
We Begin Broken We Begin Different
Everyone Is Created Equal Everyone Is NOT Created Equal
To Be Fair, It Must Be The Same To Be Fair, Each Different, But Fair
To Be Happy, Be Successful To Be Happy, Be, Do, Have, Become, Contribute
Wants Replace Needs Needs Replace Wants
We Can Learn Anything We Can’t–Should Not–Learn Some Things
We Can Be Anything We Want We Can Be Anything We Can & Are!
Because We Can, We Will Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Will
We Are Rational Human Beings We Are Largely Irrational Beings
Refuse To Accept Ourselves And Others Unconditionally Accept Ourselves & Others
All Problems Can Be Solved By Growth Growth Is A Solution To Some Problems
Models and Statistics Can be generalized Generalization not possible to differences
Development Through Personal Change Development with Scaffolding
Personal Change Is The Focal Point Acceptance Is A Focal Point

I hope you’ll joy me in discussing these talking points by registering for our free membership and purchasing my new book @F-L-O-W: Find, Design, Use Talent to Emerge Happiness & Success in a Postmodern World.

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