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              An introduction to ValuSYNC™ @F-L-O-W

In this program, you will see us develop a set of concepts that makes values work much easier to understand and use. Our BE, DO, HAVE, BECOME, CONTRIBUTE Model of valuing is part of our trademarked ValuSYNC™ program with in-depth memetic  engineering for those who are designing influence programs.

Use our assessment to uncover previously hidden reasons why you do what you do.

Gain access to our private and exclusive "ValuSYNC™ Discussion @F-L-O-W"

Learn how to explain the Election of 2012 as Values Inflection for the USA.

Understand why the conservative – liberal continuum is going to grow more polar.

See a new model of values engineering and apply it to your own design work

Capture ideas on how to scaffold your own values approach @F-L-O-W

With this values program, we are extending systems created by David McClelland, who identified four social motives, and Clare W. Graves whose research found people sort into four basic conceptions of mature adult personality.

In my own work, I have found that by understanding the nature of quantum forces, and how memes assimilate as energy and information, that strong attractors emerge as value basins of attraction, acting very much like viruses which require hosts to adapt.

Humans are perfect vehicles for this form of adaptive growth as in our evolutionary progress, the program running in the background—creative evolution—is designed to continue to throw spaghetti against the wall of life conditions until fitness emerges, and in so doing, a valuing process emerges.

This emergent set of properties can be tracked backwards to reveal ingredients that are present in the constituent environment, such as examples by Steven Reiss in his model of motivational sensitivity which he uses questions to reveal what people want, and then projects the constituents of those values as intrinsic desire or motivation.

While there are flaws in all of these models of reality, including my own, it nonetheless behooves us to study the properties of the parts even as such they do not emerge with the same properties in the emergent meta-transition.

Clearly what is important is to be able to get “some” predictive power and that can be done easily by the ValuSYNC™ System, of which this program is an introduction.

What is important in this program is to learn the basic building blocks of values, and how they “contribute” to the overall emergent results, which we know can only be studied in a rear-view mirror; but allow us to gain insights into our own behavior, how it affect us and others, and how other behavior is influenced as a result of engagement.

In this program, I will reveal a new model of value engineering @F-L-O-W that helps us put together particular values types, and their contributions.  Contributions are key because in collaboration @F-L-O-W, it’s important and necessary for us to be able to scaffold using these tools.

Scaffolding is an important part of the contribution exchange and the values engagement, and therefore each of the types will need specific supports, resources, and guidance in the scaffolding process.

As part of our discussion, we will examine the election of 2012.

This particular election will be studied for years by pundits and historians alike to identify not only what really happened, but what its causes and effects are and will be over time.

In my view, it is clear that we are at an inflection point in history, not only historically so, but as a values inflection that I believe ValuSYNC™ can help us understand and explain, as well as use in the scaffolding of individuals and groups in the future.

Clearly, in the election of 2012, we saw contribution as an act, or means, become part of an emergent value system with a continuum that can be measured as a values construct. This new emerging values basin is currently co-opted by the other four major values basins which are fully developed, mature and becoming more sophisticated and complex as we speak.

The noise level is now so high it performs a willing smokescreen for contribution and the elements of which are clearly going to be vastly more important as we run out of typical solutions in conventional valuing systems.

Here are the benefits you can expect in this program:

1.       Assess your Values in a Dynamic Density @F-L-O-W System, and your predictive index.

2.       Understand 4 mature conventional values basins.

3.       Discover how values actually use viral techniques and mechanisms to replicate, and hybridize.

4.       Learn how your system is likely to pursue contribution based on your values preferences.

5.       See for the first time, a beta matrix of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Values Positions.

6.       Walk away with a deeper knowledge of your own combinatorial values approach

7.       Notice how values played a critical part in the election of 2012 and what it means for the future.

This program is priced normally as a Level 3 Program @F-L-O-W at $397.

During our Launch Period from now until the start of our first class, the program is priced as a package with our Fast Start @F-L-O-W program (4 meetings to discuss the Book @F-L-O-W), regularly $97 after you purchase the book.

You will receive the book @F-L-O-W, the FastStart @F-L-O-W program, and ValuSYNC™  @F-L-O-W for the introductory investment of $247, saving you $150 on the course, $97 for FastStart, and $39.95 for the book, a total of $286.95 in savings.  (Note: you do not receive any additional discount if you already own the book or have previously taken the FastStart program.)

Today purchase the package for $247.

Pick up 10 hours of contact time with the author @F-L-O-W, Mike R. Jay.  Join a fast-paced values discussion, including Mike’s own insights into the way he “contributed” the material in the book and why, and how you can understand your own values dynamics, including the obvious shadow dynamics we all contend with on a day-to-day basis.

This is a rare opportunity to meet with Mike in a broad area of value engineering and to understand how Mike uses ValuSYNC™ to continue to predict with high accuracy what people are going to do in the future.

Our Guarantee: If you decide before the start of the 2nd class session that you are not yet ready for this new paradigm of being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing, then we will refund your investment less an administrative fee of $39.

In Summary:
     1. Buy the package @F-L-O-W –> receive a FREE ticket to FastStart @F-L-O-W (value: $97 with book)
     2. Join our
ValuSYNC™ premier course for $247 (valued at $397)
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         provide you more Success, as defined by you and not society.
     4. ValuSYNC™ class begins early January, 2013.

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