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"A short story with some radical notions about danger and opportunity…"

In my previous short story, I posed an idea:

The idea?


Radical notion, or paradoxical, counter-intuitive values?


If you can just get this simple notion, paradoxically as it might seem, blasphemous as it may be; you will not have an immune response @F-L-O-W.

Here’s what I mean.

What if you saw the world getting more complex at a more rapid rate… even accelerating exponentially, and you said, that is ok; but trying to co-evolve with that world has more risks, than benefits; what might you believe?

How then would you live your life?

Your answer?

Ever thought about it?

Need to wait until you are heading home in this life to ponder such a counter-intuitive notion, or idea?

Let’s start here with a counter-intuitive notion.

Higher Is Not Happier?


So, if higher is NOT more well-adjusted, and not happier, then what is it?

higher allows MORE, Bigger, Richer, Range, Scope, etc.

It’s intuitive, not WRONG, it just is…more.

I think it makes sense to remember our quote from the RED Queen speaking to Alice?

"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"

And that is the rub.

MORE IS NOT BETTER FOR MOST…for most less is more?

It’s intuitive that we would want to keep up with complexity, and we have, and we did…but we can’t any longer!  Complexity has now accelerated past the point where we humans have the mechanism to cope…and there is a danger lurking?

The danger?

Why can’t this story have a happy ending?

Actually, it can have a happy ending!


Let me share with you the danger first, lest you think this is just another thing that will happen OUT THERE, and not here.

Narrow-focusing is an amazing ability don’t you think?

…the ability to fish bowl our lives and swim around in familiar territory, all the while ignoring the other fish, the other fish bowls, and the bigger ocean out there?  Amazing!

[Pssst, I actually show you how this danger, is an opportunity later, so keep reading.]

The danger is something that we have learned (all of us have experienced ‘this danger’) over the course of our lives; when problems get too big–too big for me, you, and us–they have to solve us.  When they do–almost all of the time–they "put us in our place."

That place…is where we can match who we are, what we do, with what we have, including our next lessons for becoming, with the contribution we can make.

Let me unwind it this way for you.

Problems are just signals of misalignment, where present matches between the conditions and the codes used to solve them
1) reach a state of diminishing returns, and
2) create a discontinuous problem at a new level of complexity, which of course, can’t be solved at the level it was created…remember Einstein’s admonition?

In The New Quotable Einstein (2005), editor Alice Calaprice suggests that two quotes attributed to Einstein which she could not find sources for, may both be paraphrases of his 1946 quote.

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them"

"The world we have created today as a result of our thinking thus far has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them,"

A similar unsourced variant is

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

I think without question, that these quotes, or attributions make perfect intuitive sense, and after all, most likely Einstein was a dominant intuitive (ENTP), possibly an INTP, which makes him a dominant ‘thinker’… hmmmm.  We can go into that later, but suffice it to say, it appears that Einstein effectively explains my (overly) simple linear and non-linear condition-code algorithm, or equation.

Conditions and the code/algorithms, to match or align them, always:

1) reach a state of diminishing returns, and
2) create a discontinuous problem at a new level of complexity, which of course, can’t be solved at the level it was created…

Here is a more recent reason for why we need to be higher, intuitively.

Problems are just signals of misalignment, where present matches between the conditions and the codes used to solve them
1) reach a state of diminishing returns, and
2) create a [new] discontinuous problem at a new level of complexity.

In my original contention, I indicated that when problems get too big, they have to solve us, and in my 25 years of professional coaching, I have seen this in many forms, with myself and my clients, as well as the systems we all worked in and among.

These misalignments (problem signaled)…cause one of two "basic" things to happen (oversimplified), either
1) the conditions shift to meet the code (namaste), or
2) the code evolves to deal with the conditions, eventually bringing the condition-code algorithm, or equation, BACK into alignment and the problem signal goes away.

First, let’s talk about People, then systems!

In people, most of the time, what happens is that we reach our level of incompetence producing  misalignment, or being present when it emerges, and we are not able to code-shift quickly.

[I will get to this in another short story, but for now, hang with this line of thinking.]

I once read a piece in experiential learning theory that says all learning is re-learning.  And you will hear me talk @F-L-O-W about this notion of unlearning and how what we already know got us into the mismatch in the first place.  So it might be rather than–as my old ‘ball coach used to say, "run that play until you get it right"–that you step back and see what needs to be unlearned, so to speak.

That stage of thinking, feeling, or learning so to speak, is what Susanne Cook-Greuter refers to in the slide captured above, and many others suggest: until we can, we can’t…and don’t.

Whichever state of learning is involved, most of the time, we don’t learn to solve our problems, they solve us; often creating suffering in the process.  Some refer to this as maturity!

I often use a Teachable Point of View (TPOV) called Signal, Message, Lesson, Crisis…to describe a progression if we miss the signal, the message comes, a lesson follows.  If we don’t learn it (or can’t), a crisis emerges…and often as a result, suffering comes short-term, we experience a code shift later.

This formulaic approach to life, work, and relationships is relevant here as we discuss the danger of not "getting it"– the signal, failing to understand the message, or separate noise from signal, unable to ‘grok’ the lesson and apply it, and then required to face the crisis.

Most of us learn, re-learn, and un-learn through crisis, often unfortunately; so I am not naive here.

Happy Ending Time?

For those who want an opportunity to be proactive, to be designers, scaffolders and guides, we need to help you become a signal detector.  Signals are everywhere.  Messages show clear and present danger.  Lessons go unlearned…and crises emerge in many forms.


What my experience has brought me, and some of my clients, is this:

You will get compressed back to the level where conditions and code can come into alignment.  As Problems solve us–creating new code in the process–we are usually compressed under the weight of conditions; if we are not scaffolded well, internally, externally, financially, or developmentally.

This is not a bad thing…it just is; and as a word to the yet to be wise, you can expect it.  All of us who move through life get tested, beaten, and bent over.

A mentor of mine Col. Dick Jarrett, who I wish a fast recovery, always said that it takes heat, and a lot of beating to temper steel, which makes it strong and ‘fit’ for duty.  Thanks for your service and guidance Dick!

Hint: We are forced back down that ladder of needs; the same ladder we have used to climb up to the level of where we can no longer support the weight of growth and change.


You are unable to behave well with your client or company, and they sanction you  If it repeats enough, they reduce your behavior to a match between what you are capable of.  If you still can’t manage, they redirect your career path (fire your ass!).

In another case, you borrow too much money.  Your bets on the future fail you and they take away your ability to borrow…therefore matching you with your level of code-conditions.

In yet another case, you don’t understand why people are upset at you.  You keep messing with them.  You keep imposing your values on them; and they have a belief that you should believe like they do…and they over time, realize they can’t stop you.  So they decide to start inflicting pain on you…and your failure to understand the conditions-code misalignment creates your next war over time.

All of these examples are real, and too close to home for all of us now; as things get more and more complex; as money and credit now becomes a problem for billions, not just millions; and all of a sudden, our lack of understanding of values, places us in an intuitive position, which continues to do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results.

…danger, or opportunity?

Yes, problems will solve you, me, and US.

Are YOU, ME, and US prepared to pay the real price of this misalignment in the conditions we have today?

…or are we just kidding ourselves?

Ok, so maybe now, I have some of your attention; and if you have read this far, let me show you how we got here.  But first, let me make this plain, so there isn’t any hallucination about what I am saying.
Whether you are mainly pessimistic, optimistic, or realistic or some combination, there are a lot of signals now.  The misalignments are beginning to become clear on personal, professional, business, and networked levels (culture).

Personally, our happiness buckets are leaking, more and more each day, and success requirements are growing more complex.  In general, we all face this condition and pressure in carrying more weight in change.

Professionally, a new paradigm is emerging which is going to change everything about professional work, relationships, and the way professionals do business around the world in every discipline, and those professional disciplines which have not yet emerged–a domain which is accelerating as a result if innovation.

Business is being remade as we speak.  Business intelligence is changing everything about what will drive demand, supply, pricing, and the misalignments between them.

Networks are rapidly evolving as a result of democratization of everything from technology, finance, and automation, to weaponry.  Even values are being democratized.  For better or worse, the marriage goes forward–against many who are standing up and speaking their piece!

In every danger, there is opportunity, and now that we know some of the signals, let’s talk about some of the noise.  I want to say more about this danger, and the roots of modern progressive thinking.

[Wiki] In the 23 June (1946) article Einstein expanded somewhat on the original quote from the 25 May article, and wrote:

"Many persons have inquired concerning a recent message of mine that "a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels."
Often in evolutionary processes a species must adapt to new conditions in order to survive.  Today the atomic bomb has altered profoundly the nature of the world as we knew it, and the human race consequently finds itself in a new habitat to which it must adapt its thinking.
In the light of new knowledge, a world authority and an eventual world state are not just desirable in the name of brotherhood, they are necessary for survival.  In previous ages a nation’s life and culture could be protected to some extent by the growth of armies in national competition.  Today we must abandon competition and secure cooperation.
This must be the central fact in all our considerations of international affairs; otherwise we face certain disaster. Past thinking and methods did not prevent world wars.  Future thinking must prevent wars."

I’m going to couch what I’m going to say next in what I think would be a radical notion.  Although if I’ve convinced you about the counter-intuitive nature of certain realities, then you might not think its so radical and might even think about how you can incorporate it into your life, work, and relationships.

(That’s the idea, btw, hehe)

Four Political Parties?

If progressivity is not the ONLY answer and can be our biggest danger, what could we do that might substitute and actually obliquely cause to emerge more answers to complexity?

What if we had four political parties, each representing the core elements that several researchers have identified.  Take a look at this simple slide I’ve created to show you these four systems which have emerged with homo sapiens.

[In fact, I will suggest to you that the reason the Neanderthal and others didn’t make the momentous leap, was due to the absence of ego emergence that is reflected in our theory of mind and it’s generative valuing process, but more on that later.]

You say we could never get any agreement right?

Of course, and!

…instead of stalemate, what would emerge would be the fifth system, bingo, an oblique development.

I have come to a conclusion that was counter-intuitive for me, as I also was only enamored, entrained, and suited for progressivity; but I drove my guests, clients and students right down that freeway.

Yet, what occurred to me over the past decade is that most can’t, which doesn’t mean we don’t.  But in order to emerge the systems to align us with accelerating complexity, we must honor, make strong, be strategic, and collaborative; yet not move people beyond their values–those intrinsic needs that epigenetically emerge from biology, psychology, sociology, and economics, to name a few.

With two political systems, we get this or that, conservative, or liberal; when life now is multifaceted and multi-dimensional in the least; and we are unable to coax a transcendent emergence as it is now.

With four systems, entrained by people who are most likely to be representative of those systems, which by the way, would in fact contain independents, republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals, and every other designation you want to use, gay and straight, black and white, brown and Asian…because what these researchers found was that it wasn’t any of these things that sorted people into "how they lived their lives out of their beliefs," but their unconscious value systems.

This slide does show my labels.  But I don’t claim the position of these giants, whose systems I found compatible, arrived at around the same time, but independently.

In this simple depiction, I show you research from three different systems, which independently emerged from experience with reality.

Truth is often a perspective:

PROGRESS is not inherently GOOD or BAD, it just is.

Often, our "truths" are born from our prejudices, from our will to deceive; they are born from our falsehoods.

For instance, conscious thinking is usually contrasted with instinct, but Nietzsche argues that most conscious thinking tends to be informed precisely by instinct. Instinctively, we value truth over falsehood, but perhaps falsehood can be a valuable–even indispensable–condition for life.  While philosophers generally would like to proclaim their objectivity and disinterestedness, their instincts and prejudices are usually what inform them.  At the bottom, we find a bunch of old prejudices called "truths" and a whole system of philosophy built up after the fact to justify these "truths."

 Nietzsche believes that every philosophy is, essentially, the confession of a philosopher, and it gives us more of an insight into that philosopher’s character than anything else.

…"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."

I find this quote, from a description of what Nietzsche thought, interesting and applicable.

Essentially, philosophers project through their instincts what they believe to be truth, but that which is only a perception of the truth.  It’s interpretation, is thus subject to our instincts, and that is precisely the counter-intuitive paradox I want to show you.

BECAUSE progress is occurring, doesn’t mean progress is good, or bad?

It just is…and we can’t stop it.  It is the evolution of content, context, conditions, code, culture, and our core epigenesis as it attempts to adapt.

The intuitive notion is to be pulled along by it, and we are and will be…yet we assume that we have no choice about it, that we must as participants, and designers accept this as the only truth.

There is a momentous leap available, as Dr. Graves declared in his 1974 Futurist Article…

Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap

by Clare W. Graves

[From The Futurist, 1974, pp. 72-87. Edited with embedded comments by Edward Cornish, World Future Society.]

A new psychological theory holds that human beings exist at different ‘levels of existence.’ …Now, Western man appears ready to move up to a higher level of existence, a distinctly human level.  When this happens there will likely be a dramatic transformation of human institutions.

…but it may be different than you might expect…it is not the lion, but a lamb of our times that is softly presenting us with the paradox of what appears to be a HUGE MOMENTOUS LEAP.  But in fact, the leap is a leap into paradox, a leap that will SOLVE us, that will ‘put us in our place’.

The paradox is presented to us and the radical notion will be counter-intuitive?

There is no momentous leap for us, in human kind, in consciousness; but what remains an OPPORTUNITY, a recognition of a paradox: complexity will accelerate; we will not, and don’t need too!

In my book @F-L-O-W, I teach you about how to differentiate the paradox of happiness and success, and instead of closing the gap by changing our "selves" we scaffold and retain those differences; allowing them to mature, without chasing complexity, which emerges the opportunity in paradox.

Caveat: It doesn’t mean laissez-faire!

People who are motivated intrinsically, who will have particular instincts as a result, then construct reality and their experience in a way that is reflective of that intrinsic system, will be different. This is both nature and nurture, yet genetically guided, which automatically creates immune responses from systems which are entrained and conditioned @BS, to see everyone as equal.

Once you make a very basic paradoxical assumption, and hold this counter-intuitive idea, which may be difficult for most (to go against what appears to be true, but is a perception you have been conditioned to feel comfortable with)

…that to continue to try to chase complexity is a ludicrous notion, when our natures are linear, rather than non-linear in nature; for reasons that help us remain stable, coherent, and able to manage our small brains and its activities, mostly subconsciously, irrationally, and automatically.  While our brains have enormous power, the limitations of our consciousness, are most likely designed for human existence and not the machine existence that is emerging and connecting all of us.

It’s been shown that people lose their identification with large groups and prefer to fractionalize around small groups.  As I’ve pointed out in prior presentations, we are no longer governed @F-L-O-W by bell curves, but by long tail distributions.  The graphic that follows depicts this shift.

The reason I draw your attention to this notion of a shift in distribution is that the shape of the Pareto curve is directly proportioned to the inverse of complexity.  Let me demonstrate this as my final point.

This long-tail, or Pareto distribution called "power-law" distribution is the inverse relationship of non-linear exponentiality…

What do you need to know about non-linearity?

In both power law distribution, or the long tail, and in the non-linear curve above we see that it is impossible to maintain a relationship with larger and larger parts of the relationship.

The only way to adapt in this kind of environment is to fractionalize reality, and work with a manageable part of the system.  If you are limited to linear adaptation in a non-linear environment…or you have limited resources and capability, then the "best" you can do is probably more, in a limited area.  Maybe that fishbowl is not such a bad idea after all?

Join me for my next short story about The Sum of All Fears @F-L-O-W.

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What was a good idea for its time, has now become loaded with potential risks for mankind, buoyed by limits to growth, and irrational decision-making at the highest levels of leadership, now leave you, me, and us at a crossroads.

Influenced by the best selling book The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature, by Steven Pinker in 2002; a decade later, Mike helps us understand what to do about what has become the most dangerous memeplex of our time.  He guides you @F-L-O-W to hold an optimistic view of our individual futures based on a way to "produce happiness" and consume less success, while navigating the shallows between.

Mike cautions you about continuing our conditioned, intuitive approach to reality; and how this memeplex in play @BS will lead to accelerating losses of happiness globally, while decreasing success locally; and gives reasons why this is occurring, throughout the book.

In the book, Mike identifies 15 Primes, 12 of which are outlined in detail in this first book, and shows you the tools within each, which you apply one or more combinations directly suited to your talents to get off this RAT RACE of co-evolving with complexity, and running harder to keep up.

Mike knows that the notions in the book are counter-intuitive by nature, and that CORPORATE wants us all to dig in and hold on, as we ride the roller coaster of money and credit, in a memepark of growth and more.

While Mike contrasts the CORPORATE Memeplex @BS, he doesn’t make it the scapegoat because fingers pointing there, leaves more fingers pointing at US, literally and figuratively.

This book can be used by people who influence for a living, as well as intellectuals and leaders.  Just as they have used the 1928 Bible of PR, called PROPAGANDA, by Edward Bernays (offered free to members, btw) to propagate @BS for the public good during the 1930s to increase demand for wants, instead of needs; Mike believes the same mechanics, with a different object–happiness, not just success–can be used to disperse the dangerous components of the memeplex to decelerate complexity anxiety across the planet.

In a very practical manner, Mike demonstrates in the book, what you can do as an individual and in the collective to begin to replace the intuitive notion that growth and more are the ONLY answers to our co-evolution with complexity.
Book @F-L-O-W
Mike provides a very specific roadmap for each of us to use while navigating through the dissonance that will emerge both now, near, and far as complexity reigns, and life becomes so.

This is a novel approach that represents an obliquely powerful way to decelerate @BS @F-L-O-W, and allows for APPS to be constructed for this new "paradigmatic operating system."  If the book is not enough, Mike has created a platform of guidance of varying levels of experience which he and others use to guide you in your own Journey @F-L-O-W.  With more than 25 years of professional coaching experience around the world, Mike has benefited from the tens of thousands of hours with clients, students, and peers; and thanks them for their contributions to this seminal work.

Mike welcomes comments and ideas on his teleseminars, and all book owners get access to his free FastStart @F-L-O-W, which these short stories are a part.  Welcome @F-L-O-W!

The paradox of choice.

When we look at some of the ramifications of all of the choices we can make, if we are not clear on why we make those choices, or don’t, the how really doesn’t matter, as it becomes part of the problem.

ValuSYNC™ @F-L-O-W is a system of values engineering to help us understand how our values create a fishbowl which is important for us.  However, we need to be clear on our ends values, and our means values, and what that means.

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