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Light @F-L-O-W

If I’m WRONG, you’ll be STRONG, IF I’m right, you have light!

Ok, the noise at one level is high, and the signals are embedded, but I want to try to give you a short heads-up. There are very interesting things happening. There is a perfect storm brewing, but it’s not what you think..?

This storm has brought with it an asymmetry that will change so many things.

There are several events that have marked history…1901 and 1930, so they say, one of which I had some indirect benefit from…both of those were paradigm "fuelers" and they came as a result of oil discoveries … as you remember; the SPINDLETOP and the EAST TEXAS field (20 billion barrels), which is still pumping btw, albeit slower, and feeding my x-wife’s family…

The recent shale finds in LEVANT (maybe you never heard of it –>Off Israeli coast), BAKKEN, and EAGLE FORD, and a new one that is likely to contain 35 billion barrels, along with what people think are more than 20 fields that will have billions of barrels of newly discovered oil and gas.

This is clearly the energy miracle that I spoke about last march, as the light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems that along with all the problems that are going to emerge, the emergence of this set of discoveries is going to trigger everything from a new socialist movement*…to Obama becoming the greatest president in our history; make room mount Rushmore?

(I wish they wouldn’t call it that, but they do, because @F-L-O-W, this movement will be to recognize a converging set of factors that deal with a re-interpretation of what makes people human and a movement away from the ideas; that on one hand has created blank slate, and on the other hand, which will start to weaken it over time…and that will NOT be socialism, but a new -ism, which has not emerged yet, and I am labeling for now, as "contribution", mingled with some degree of contrition I suspect, not sure, but it won’t be an -ism, we recognize…)

This is the strangest, yet most counter-intuitive moment in history, and it is difficult to explain, but "perfect" for the times, as paradoxically enthralling as any movie I’ve seen.

My forecast, which I’m working on, will attempt (a new format) to place now, near, and far components within the context of best, probable, and worst scenarios, as the future has and always had a number of streams running….

This will be all I can say for now, but I don’t want people to think there is only bad news, because that is what you are going to hear as parts of the system, which can’t adapt as fast, suffer asymmetrically, and other parts of the system continue to promote the greatest accumulation of wealth, we have ever known…

We are entering a period of time that continues to draw wisdom from Alice in Wonderland…

Join me for my 2014 forecast call on January 3, 2012.  If you are a BOOK Owner @F-L-O-W, the event will be in your schedule of events.  If you are not yet a book owner, you’ll want to understand this FORECAST @F-L-O-W and why you, me, and we are in for a ride.

About ‘100 Years’ after the roaring 20s, we approach a period of time which will forever define us, and mark the tipping point @BS.  A real BLACK SWAN @F-L-O-W.

Black swan theory

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that is a surprise (to the observer), has a major effect, and after the fact is often inappropriately rationalized with the benefit of hindsight.

The theory was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain:

  1. The disproportionate role of high-profile, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology
  2. The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to the very nature of small probabilities)
  3. The psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs

Unlike the earlier philosophical "black swan problem," the "black swan theory" refers only to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and their dominant role in history. Such events, considered extreme outliers, collectively play vastly larger roles than regular occurrences."

NOW, near, and far, there is an Opportunity, as there is any time DANGER is present.

The danger is that we will assume that things are going back to the way they were @BS!

The opportunity is the idea to act while we can to make inroads @F-L-O-W.

This is truly the best of times, and the worst of times.

My guess is that a dual strategy is available and one is popular @BS.

Conditions had appeared that would actually provide the degree of dissonance for the new paradigm to emerge.

But the question remains, what is it in our society that transfers affect at the tipping point; when do the problems become big enough that the paradigm tips?

And that is our dilemma now in the Light!

On one hand we have a significant part of the world tipping into a problem condition through the run-up of the best @BS, and the consequences have now created an inflection point; but the light now shines back from the dark, as in an eclipse, and the dissonance will be muted, the problems solved, and the old paradigm runs another cycle….

Let me frame this as well as I can, as a contrast between two distinct paradigms of assumptions:

Blank Slate (@BS)                         contrasts                        @F-L-O-W                     

We Begin Broken

We Begin Different

Everyone Is Created Equal

Everyone Is NOT Created Equal

To Be Fair, It Must Be The Same

To Be Fair, Each Different, But Fair

To Be Happy, Be Successful

Happy = Be, Do, Have, Become, Contribute

Wants Replace Needs

Needs Replace Wants

      Net Energy Is Decreasing

      Net Energy Is Shifting – Transduction

Noise Accumulates as Signal

Signal Filtering Critical

We Can Learn Anything

Can’t–Should Not–Learn Some Things

We Can Be Anything We Want

We Can Be Anything We Can & Are!

Because We Can, We Will

Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Will

We Are Rational Human Beings

We Are Largely Irrational Beings

Refuse To Accept Ourselves And Others

Unconditionally Accept Self & Others

All Problems Can Be Solved By Growth

Growth Is A Solution To Some Problems

      Models and Statistics Can be generalized      Generalization not possible to differences
      Development Through Personal Change       Development with Scaffolding
      Personal Change Is The Leverage Point      Acceptance Is The Leverage Poin
      Focus on Self-Awareness       Focus on Self-Knowledge

Down the rabbit hole a little further…and a summary remark

Here’s a quick example, they are everywhere:

Diet’s Role in Risk of Repeat Heart Attacks

People with heart disease or diabetes who consumed diets rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish were less likely to have another heart attack or stroke, according to a five-year study.
When I read part of this, I could not say whether or not the people eating the good food:
1) ate the food because they were motivated to eat well and diabetes and heart failure were part of their genetic inbornness
2) that people motivated to eat the food did so because they were scaffolded
4) that the food itself was actually the issues, or were there lifestyle changes in concert with the food regimen
This is why I think we are mostly mistaken about what causes what…?
I read a piece years ago that said we don’t die from heart attacks, that they are merely the objects of deeper subjects…all of which are complex.  So all the stuff that people say do, is really based on what people "want" you to do…
If we have been fooled by food companies, then why haven’t we been fooled by drug companies, and by "Car" companies, and by our doctors, lawyers, and everyone else who has themselves been fooled by the foolers who we now can’t tell apart anymore…
…and remember, we did all this fooling and being fooled by science, fyi…and of course our intuition as it is filtered through ego…
Now, the natural response I see, often from people when I raise this kind of conundrum, is this remark…"why do anything at all…"
As if, they had some choice hehe…
But I know reactions that people will have @F-L-O-W is that if everything is so complex, then what should we do…
…and that is why it took a decade to figure out the answer and that is…go back to the roots of happiness… Manage your existence in some way you can function, or dysfunction at the hierarchy of need aligned with what your inbornness + scaffolding can generate sustainably…and with that a eye towards the other fish bowlers in the area…

No matter how complex it gets, at least until gene therapy becomes operational…this may be an approach that works for more folks…and in that process, leave a little for others, and help when and where you can.


Join me MOVEMENT @F-L-O-W.
These short stories are brought to you by Mike R. Jay, the world’s most innovative coach, and self-proclaimed developmentalist.  Mike’s new book @F-L-O-W: Find, Design, Use TALENT to Emerge Happiness & Success in a PostModern World is available now.

In the book, Mike explains why Blank Slate, as adopted by CORPORATE, and leveraged by "propaganda" has conspired to create the life conditions we now co-evolve with–all for good reason–and that the risks and the benefits are now diminishing rapidly with the escalation of complexity.

What was a good idea for its time, has now become loaded with potential risks for mankind, buoyed by limits to growth, and irrational decision-making at the highest levels of leadership, now leave you, me and us at a crossroads.

Influenced by the best selling book The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature, by Steven Pinker in 2002, a decade later, Mike helps us understand what to do about what has become the most dangerous memeplex of our time.  He guides you @F-L-O-W to hold an optimistic view of our individual futures based on a way to "produce happiness" and consume less success, while navigating the shallows between.

Mike cautions you about continuing our conditioned, intuitive approach to reality, and how this memeplex in play @BS will lead to accelerating losses of happiness globally, while decreasing success locally, and gives reasons why this is occurring throughout the book.

In the book, Mike identifies 15 Primes, 12 of which are outlined in detail in this first book, and shows you the tools within each, which you apply one or more combinations directly suited to your talents to get off this RAT RACE of co-evolving with complexity, and running harder to keep up.

Mike knows that the notions in the book are counter-intuitive by nature, and that CORPORATE wants us all to dig in and hold on, as we ride the roller coaster of money and credit, in a memepark of growth and more.

While Mike contrasts the CORPORATE Memeplex @BS, he doesn’t make it the scapegoat because fingers pointing there, leaves more fingers pointing at US, literally and figuratively.

This book can be used by people who influence for a living, intellectuals, and leaders, and just as they have used the 1928 Bible of PR, called PROPAGANDA, by Edward Bernays (offered free to members, btw) to propagate @BS for the public good during the 1930s to increase demand for wants, instead of needs; Mike believes the same mechanics, with a different object–happiness, not just success–can be used to disperse the dangerous components of the memeplex to decelerate complexity anxiety across the planet.

In a very practical manner, Mike demonstrates in the book, what you can do as an individual and in the collective to begin to replace the intuitive notion that growth and more are the ONLY answers to our co-evolution with complexity.

Book @F-L-O-WMike provides a very specific roadmap for each of us to use while navigating through the dissonance that will emerge both now, near, and far as complexity reigns, and life becomes so.

This is a novel approach that represents an obliquely powerful way to decelerate @BS @F-L-O-W, and allows for APPS to be constructed for this new "paradigmatic operating system."  If the book is not enough, Mike has created a platform of guidance of varying levels of experience which he and others use to guide you in your own Journey @F-L-O-W.  With more than 25 years of professional coaching experience around the world, Mike has benefited from the tens of thousands of hours with clients, students, and peers and thanks them for their contributions to this seminal work.

Mike welcomes comments and ideas on his teleseminars, and all book owners get access to his free FastStart @F-L-O-W, which these short stories are a part.  Welcome @F-L-O-W!

The paradox of choice.

When we look at some of the ramifications of all of the choices we can make, if we are not clear on why we make those choices, or don’t, the how really doesn’t matter, as it becomes part of the problem.

ValuSYNC™ @F-L-O-W is a system of values engineering to help us understand how our values create a fishbowl which is important for us.  But we need to be clear on our ends values, and our means values, and what that means.

In order to get started in this process of being, having, doing, becoming, and contributing @F-L-O-W, our FastStart @F-L-O-W is suggested.  In FastStart, we link you with the book, why the book establishes a key (back)ground for the figure of ValuSYNC @F-L-O-W.

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