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Getting traction quickly @F-L-O-W, realizing some quick wins, and releasing free energy are about what this program is about.

Join Mike Jay and team for a facilitated journey @F-L-O-W, guided by a specially prepared workbook
@F-L-O-W.  This workbook mirrors the book, and features a guided experience through a deepening of your own self-knowledge coupled with the chapters in the book.


Why Do This Class?

The workbook is an essential companion piece to the book if you want to develop your own personal
@F-L-O-W life design.  While simply reading the book introduces you to the core philosophy and Prime Elements of living @F-L-O-W, they are counter-intuitive to most of us because we have lived and been acculturated in a blank slate worldview. 


Therefore, if you’ve read the book and are one of the 95% for whom happiness and success are not naturally aligned, we are offering a hands-on class where we will guide and coach the class members through exercises designed to help you get a handle on how to apply the prime elements of @F-L-O-W to your own life. 


While you could certainly go through the workbook exercises on your own, we know – based on the principle that any given technique or prescription for success will likely work for only 1-5% of the population – the likelihood that you will actually complete all the workbook chapters on your own is pretty darn small.  That’s why we’re offering the support and scaffolding of a class to facilitate you working through the exercises that bring the @F-L-O-W principles to life.


This class will give you a running start to seriously thinking about and engaging in a life re-design journey that typically takes 2-10 years.  All your facilitators are seasoned coaches and themselves engaged in their own ongoing inquiry and journey of what it means to live @F-L-O-W.


How the Class is Structured:

·         Thirteen sessions, each of 40 minutes length.

·         Session 1: Introductions: Overview of the 12 Prime Elements; How the Class Will Work.

·         Session 2 – 13:  We will give an overview of each Prime Element, look at the related exercises to be done in the coming week, clarify and respond to questions.

·         Between classes, class members are responsible for doing the workbook exercises, which include self-reflection, journaling, taking suggested assessments, and reaching out for different kinds of support.

·         Beginning with Session 3, there will be time at the beginning of the class to share insights and get support from the facilitator and class members for any questions or challenges you encountered in the previous week’s @F-L-O-W homework.


How the Class Works:

            Because we really want you to start experiencing how living and designing

@F-L-O-W works, we have 5 ways to make this material very effective for you.


First:  Audios of Each Class That Make Reviewing Specific Prime Elements Easy

These will be available online, and you can also download them so you’ll be able to listen to and review any session at your convenience


Second:  The Workbook @F-L-O-W PDF

The workbook is of course the focal point and touchstone for the class.  You can read, print, take notes, and write in it as you wish, both during class sessions and for the between-class self-work.


Third:  Weekly Check-In To Ensure All Your Questions Are Answered

Not only will you be able to ask questions about the particular @F-L-O-W element and exercises as we introduce each element, but you’ll be able to ask questions the following week after you’ve worked with workbook material for that element.


Fourth: A “Buddy System”

While this is optional, we highly recommend that class members pair up as buddies.  This gives you a thinking/feeling partner as you go through what can be challenging self-inquiries and exercises, and builds in support when you most need it (which will usually be between the class sessions).


Fifth:  An Online Discussion Forum

Here you can post questions and insights for everyone to benefit from, respond to, and learn from.  There is no doubt that the @F-L-O-W journey is lifelong and requires frequent recalibration.  The online discussion forum supports the learning of us all.


Is This Class Worth Your Time and Investment?


Here’s what we intend for you to come away with:

·         A deepened sense of self-knowledge.

·         A workbook that becomes a journal filled with your insights about who you are, what you need and want in order to optimize your personal happiness and success.

·         An abundance of ideas and resources which can start to shift your life design @F-L-O-W.

·         New alliances and friendships that will certainly enhance your well-being and will likely add to the scaffolding and support possibilities available to you long after the class ends.

·         Enter into a community of folks on the leading edge of thinking and practice in how to create more effective, efficient, and sustainable ways of living for ourselves and our fellow co-inhabitants on planet earth.

Until January 7th you may invest in the course for $147, if you already own the book and $197 if you have not yet purchased the book.  On January 7th the investment goes to $197 and $297.


To Register for the Program, click HERE.

In Summary:
Your WorkBook @F-L-O-W is your private journal on the road to experiencing greater happiness. 

Recorded audios of each class for review and/or if you miss a class.

You may join either Mike’s marathon 13 week-day course or Dr. Manya Arond-Thomas’ 13-week course or both if you prefer.

Our Guarantee: If before the second class you feel you are not yet ready for this new paradigm shift in living and experiencing Happiness, let us know and your money will be returned, less the administrative fee of $49.

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