Special WorkBook @F-L-O-W

      Special WORKBOOK @F-L-O-W
                                 BREAKING OPPORTUNITY…?

In the course of sausage-making, new programs, beta releases, soft-launches and just general R&D, you have to do what you can do, when you can do it, and often you never know when that is going to be, so you have to be fluid. In these fluid, and adaptive moments, insight and opportunity arises.

Because of some travel shifts, Mike has some availability over the next 3 weeks, he didn’t plan to have and wants to cut the audios for the Workbook @F-L-O-W with Program Author and Facilitator Dr. Manya Arond-Thomas.

Because this is last minute, we are sending out the opportunity to people who have not yet decided to purchase Mike’s new book, as well as those of you who have time for a little holiday cheer and work if you like, a rain check if you want, and an opportunity to help Mike in the 12 days of Christmas, where Mike and Manya will donate all the proceeds from this event to make Christmas better for some needy children who may get a new set of Christmas Clothes with our mutual efforts.
Here’s what is going to happen, see if you want to play.

Mike and Manya are going to conduct thirteen 40 min sessions and record them around the Workbook @F-L-O-W, part of the Platform @F-L-O-W that will be offered in January with Manya leading you through the workbook designed to accompany Mike’s new book. Manya, as one of the lead translators for the audio Mike did for the book, has a unique 7 year perspective on the materials and will facilitate Mike, and you all through the beta rendition of the program harvesting Mike’s talking points about the practical use of the Book @F-L-O-W, so we have reference audio for the regular program, which Manya will lead starting in January.

The opportunity for you is to catch this impromptu series of sessions at its lowest price point, help us help needy kids get some clothes for the next year (these poor parents buy one new set of clothes for the entire year, fyi), and get yourself a rain-check if you like for the upcoming long program starting in January.

Mike and Manya are going to do this program in 13 sessions on normal business days starting Dec 10, and ending Dec 28, 2012. You can join them, help us help needy kids, and get a rain check for the long program ($497) starting in January for a donation of $77, which includes an e-book @F-L-O-W and the e-version of the workbook, which you can print and follow along with us as we go, or just listen to the audios as a self-guided retreat if you like. Retail on the Self-guided program and audio recordings, both sets, the beta and long program will be $197 in 2013).

This is for a great cause, and will get you a lot of cool insights for just $77, and if you already have purchased a book and are now a member of our MOVEMENT @F-L-O-W, the program is further discounted to our admin fee only investment of $49.
It’s easy to donate, just click the link and choose your registration amount, and you’ll be set to go on Dec 10-28, 2012, or later in January when the long program begins (schedule coming), at 7:30 pm ET. Recordings will be available if you can’t attend the live sessions.

We’ve never made an offer like this and now its time, for you to help us help them in the 12 days of Christmas.

Please tell your friends. We want to deliver a lot of value for your precious donation at such an important, and grateful time of year…help us answer a lot of prayers as they celebrate Christ’s Birthday this holiday season in the Philippines.

Visit http://www.f-l-o-w.com/workbook/special/ to join us.

In Summary:
For this Beta launch, you will receive the e-Book @F-L-O-W, the e-version of the WorkBook @F-L-O-W, invitation to join our 13 live 40-minute sessions, or a rain check for the classes in January, which will be at $497, saving you $320 on the coach-guided course.

The Self-guided course will be offered at $197.

If you have already purchased the book, your investment is $49, the admin fee.

All proceeds go to the MyPALs Christmas Fund.

Our Guarantee: If before the second class you feel you are not yet ready for this new paradigm shift in living and experiencing Happiness, let us know and your money will be returned, less the administrative fee of $49.


PS: When you donate in this program, you get Mike’s FastStart @F-L-O-W program as Mike’s thank you to you for sharing your holiday cheer.

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