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Welcome to the Program!
Thanks for joining us in our WORKBOOK @F-L-O-W program.

Here’s the plan:

You can see what is guiding the process here: and our class site will be at, where you will login using the username and password in your membership details.

If you can’t find them, it’s ok.  You can just go to the login page, and enter your username, and click on ‘forgot password’ and the system will send it to your email address automatically.

Once you login, you will look for WORKBOOK @F-L-O-W CLASS PAGE and click on that to enter the class area.

In the class area, you will find the materials you need.  The workbook can be downloaded and we recommend that you do so and whether you print it out or not, is up to you, but we will refer to that throughout this program.

We will have 13 official meetings starting January 7, 2013 at 6:30 pm ET.

The number to call in will be there at the class site, you can access the program over the web, or through your telephone, and both if you like.  You may also call in through Skype at no charge.  Click HERE to learn how.

We will not have slides for this program, as we will be discussing directly from the workbook and will make references to the Book @F-L-O-W.

We will post the recordings as soon as we can, and I am not sure if we will transcribe this series, most likely, not.

I usually like to let the programs run a few times until they settle into the right pattern.

With the purchase of this program, you have been given a ticket to the LONG program led by our facilitators, which will give you more time to do the actual exercises and work through the questions.  I haven’t decided exactly how I will approach this 13 day intensive program.  I usually don’t, as I depend on what emerges in these programs as there is a way the universe has of allowing energy and information to come through me at the right times, with the right allowance of space, so we’ll do that this time.

The workbook provides a LOT of structure as it walks you through the process of connecting with the materials.

I will admit, the largest amount of energy and information will come from you.

It may not come right away, and that is ok.

I have been working with this paradigm for more than a decade and because it’s counter-intuitive, it requires some time to begin to assimilate and it’s the iterations that need to occur that provides the crucible for Happiness and Success to find their own place in your life.

That’s about all I can say upfront.  Be sure to direct your comments, questions ,and ideas to and instruction about how to get your questions answered, your comments considered, and your feedback heard will follow.

Thanks for being here.  It means a lot to me that you invested in you, me, and we!

Mike R. Jay

PS: To review what the class covers and its structure, visit and invite others to view it a well.  They will thank you for it.

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